What Makes a Man Hot:10 Things That Girls Love

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Perfect Man: What Makes a Guy Hot?

There is nothing new that girls have different preferences. Someone likes swarthy machos, while the others can lose their heads looking at blue-eyed blond. However, there are still some common things that can make any man look more mannish. What are the features of a hot man? The answers bellow!

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What Makes a Guy Look Hot?

1. Perfect smell. Personal hygiene should become a top priority for any man, who wants to attract more ladies. First, and the most important thing, take a shower and use your deo regularly. Second, pay attention to your beard, moustache (if you have any) and nails. Tidy manicure and clean hands look sexy for all the women. What makes a guy look hot? Tidiness and a little bit fragrance is your key to success.

2. Good watch. Although most of us use smartphones to know the time, there is nothing sexier than a man looking at his nice watch. Choose minimalist or classic design, as well as a reputable producer. This simple trick will significantly sharpen you look.

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3. Perfect footwear. Forget about your favorite old-school pair of snickers, if you want to become a guy with a hot look. Choose stylish footwear that suits your look perfectly. Don’t forget to clean and polish your pair of shoes to look tidy and accurate.

4. Fresh breath. Smile is the one of the first things that most ladies notice, when you meet at the first time. Therefore, clean teeth, fresh breath and a great smile is your secret weapon. Visiting your dentist on the regular basis and a therapist in case of having bad breath is a thing that most awesome guys always do.

5. Confidence. Although you’ve probably heard this tip dozens of times, but confidence is a number one feature that makes guys hot. You need to like yourself, have certain goals and plans for future and just believe that everything will be okay.

6. Intelligence. Smart guys are superb hot. Read books in different fields, keep in touch with world economic and political news, watch deep movies and try to expand your knowledge. If you are ready to talk about sports and alcohol only, you are likely to look narrow and blinkered.

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7. Sense of humor. The secret is that most women adore guys, who can make them smile. No matter on what you wear, what your job is and how much money you earn, if you can make her laugh, you’ve already made half of the job to attract the lady of your dream.

8. Sports. Big muscles look sexy. However, if your body structure is far from perfect, try to go in for sports to have a better look and become a hot guy.

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9. Emotional stability. Being calm, trustworthy and reliable makes you hot. No more aggressive behavior, shouting or showing off your emotions. These are not the features of true gentlemen.

10. Romance. Doing romantic things for your lady is the simplest way to make her fall in love with you.



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