What to Do in Case She Asked if You Love Her

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There are a lot of cases when we need to make a concrete decision in our lives. Our approach to these decisions would be based on the people in our lives to a very large extent. For instance, we could have a close male friend who is everything to us and whom we would have wished to marry. However, we cannot dwell on dreams forever. So, for instance, another charming guy comes along we think would fit and he is already making serious steps or proposing, you would want to know where you stand in your current relationship. In some cases, it might not even be another person being involved. It might be that we are planning our future and we want to know if to plan the current person in or not. We might also want to discuss something vital, but we want to be sure the person we are with is worth discussing it with.

Tips on What to Do if She Keeps Asking You About Feelings

1. Answer Right Away or Take a Pause

The question she asked about if you love her could be a very complex question. This is especially if you have never really asked her out before or both of you are just close friends with no strings attached. It could also be more complex if the relationship is a romantic one and you are not really interested in her. In most cases, you will be able to answer right away. However, there are still instances when you will have to ponder and think. Normally, a man will always know what is in his mind concerning the woman he is with. Is she just someone I want to lay with and on or is she the woman of my dreams. If you are sure she is the woman of your dreams and you want her, you should be able to answer her right away. You should not only tell her that you love her, but you should then show it as would be discussed subsequently. If on the other hand, you were just close friends and you have never thought about it that way, you might want to take time to think about it. You could tell her you would give her the answer within the next few days. It is best for it not to be more than a week. Finally, if you know that she is not the woman for you, this is the best time to let her know and let her go. Telling her a straight you don’t might not be the right choice as she will feel bad. If she really loves you, there is no way you go about telling her that won’t hurt her. However, it is never advisable to marry a woman out of pity. Fortunately, there are ways you can go about it that will be less painful. This will also save you from making up wrong answers to your bother about she asked if I love her.

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2.Give Details

Irrespective of your answer in the previous paragraphs, you might have to give details to make your answer more convincing. If you really love her and want her forever, you want to tell her why you do. A woman can never get tired of hearing those. You should tell her the reasons if it is her beauty, her elegance and all the other qualities that have attracted you to her. Apart from the fact she will be happy hearing them, you will also sound more convincing compared to just an ‘I love you answer’. If on the other hand, you don’t, you could let her know that you cherish her person but you don’t think both of you are the best for each other based on these reasons. She might see reasons or not, but it is the best thing to do. She will be able to make her own decisions and not lose other chances while hoping for you.

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3.Show Her

A major reason why a woman could ask this question is that she is not getting the feeling that you love her from your actions. Feelings are always accompanied by actions. This is why if you find yourself always having to question yourself about why she keeps asking me if I love her, especially after you have told her you love her, it could be because you are not showing it enough. Some of the ways you can show your love for her include:

  • Take Her Shopping
  • Take Her on a Romantic Date
  • Make a Romantic Dinner
  • Take Her on a Vacation
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4. Propose to Her or Let Her Go

To further prove your answer, you might have to propose to her or let her go. If you are ready for marriage and your relationship is headed in that direction, it might be best you propose to her. This would make her relaxed and know that you really mean to spend the rest of your life with her. If on the other hand, you don’t love her, you might have to let her go, except if she decides to stay as a friend after you have told her you don’t love her. If you are not bold enough to tell her to her face you don’t love her, you can start to withdraw. Make yourself less available and she would soon get the message. Hopefully, she will be strong enough to accept it and move on.

Women are emotional beings. It is not a nice thing to toy with the emotions of a woman. You or other people could easily suffer from that action of yours. Try to be straight forward always and make your intentions clear. Let her know what to expect and what would happen. This way, your problems about she keeps asking me if I love her can be solved.



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