7 things women do when you’re coming on too strong

women do when you’re coming on too strong

Being too forceful with your girlfriend? 7 things women do when you’re coming on too strong and tips to avoid it

What does ‘coming on strong’ mean? It means being too persistent and overwhelming in a particular relationship. Texting too much, dating to much and creating too long-term plans might easily creep your girlfriend out. How to avoid being too pushy in a relationship? Find out top 7 things women do when you’re coming on too strong (and save your relationship ASAP).

  1. Your lady started ghosting you. Ghosting in social media is doing everything to avoid reality. When a girl disappears, it is usually a warning sign you are getting too persistent. Your girlfriend might not be confident enough to tell you she is tired of being in a relationship with you.
  2. She is telling you to go away. Either you are approaching your possible match or come on too strong with your girlfriend, being too pushy might often lead to breakup. If a girl said she is not actually into you, avoid trying to bring her back. Just go away and do not humiliate yourself.Your woman is making plans
  3. Your woman is making plans, but often cancels them. She is trying to be polite and has lack of confidence to say ‘no’. Furthermore, she might be ready for breakup, but still worries about breaking your heart and making you feel hurt.
  4. Your woman delays to response you. If you are waiting for her reply for too long, she might no longer be interested in communication with you. The best technique here is to mirror her responses and avoid being too persistent.
  5. She sends you short and simple responses. If your lady lacks emotions in her texts, she is either too shy or too polite. However, in most cases she does not want to be rude to shut down your communication.
  6. She tries to slow down things. If you are showing too much interest in your relationship and tell your crush you love her on the second date, she might start wondering, whether she really likes you. Do not rush the things.women tips
  7. She tells you are too intense. In case your lady is mature personality, she might easily tell you not to be too pushy directly. This way, slow down your plans and intentions or even take a small break to make her feel she really needs you.


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