Do Women Really Mean ‘Yes’ When They Say ‘No’

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What Should You Do, When She Says No?

Dating is often challenging, especially when it comes to the first date and asking her out. Each day thousands of guys in the world receive rejections from their crushes. Most of them still hesitate, what to say to a girl after she rejected you. Here we’ve collected a number of tips on how to behave when she said ‘No’.

Types of Women’s No

– ‘Ultimate’ No. This kind of rejection is her final decision. She doesn’t want to meet you neither soon, nor later. This way, you crush will give you a clear understanding that she will not hang out with you. Perhaps, she already has a boyfriend, doesn’t find you attractive or simply prefer staying alone.

– ‘Maybe’ No. In this case your lady was not confident with her rejection. She might say something like ‘maybe later’, ‘unfortunately, this weekend I’m busy’ or ‘I’m not sure can’.

What Should You Do, When You Get an Ultimate No

1. Accept the rejection. Remember that this might not be a personal issue! Try to respect her decision and avoid trying to be too pushy. Just let her go.

2. Be polite. Although you’ve got a rejection, always say ‘hi’ to your former crush and simple act as nothing happened. Stay positive; keep your communication alive without being too intrusive. Although the things might seem awkward, always be the gentleman and stay polite.

3. Keep calm and enjoy your life. Don’t focus on the rejection; try to spend more time for your hobbies, traveling and learning something new. To kick her out of your head, create a busy schedule with plenty of different activities. You might even try several new kinds of sports: this simple trick will make your body more fit and your mood more positive.

4. Communicate. Free communication is your key to forget her ASAP. Therefore, don’t miss good parties, hang on with friends and meet new awesome people. You might even try rebound relationship to start feeling better. But note, this trick is not a universal tool to forget your crush, since it doesn’t help everyone.

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What Should You Do, When You Get Maybe No

1. Analyze the situation. Why did she reject you? Was the environment inappropriate? Was she with her friends or alone? Try to choose the best conditions for your next approaching. Another try to ask her out should be successful!

2. Prepare yourself. Take a shower, wear tidy and good-looking clothes, as well as don’t forget about fresh breath and a little perfume. First, it makes you more attractive. Second, you will feel more comfortable looking perfectly.

3. Ask her for a date. Approach with no high expectations. Remember, she might still say ‘No.’ Ask her clearly. It is better to ask whether she wants to go to the Friday party together rather than just asking about her wish to hang out. Good luck!

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