Do girls like shy guys? Yes and no and here’s why

girls like shy guys

Is shyness a problem? Do girls like shy guys? Yes and no and here’s why

Many guys feel lack of confidence to ask their crushes on a date. Is it possible to find a girlfriend for a shy guy? Do girls like shy guys? Yes and no and here’s why.

Why do ladies do not like to date shy guys?

shy guys

  • Women are looking for partners, who are emotionally and mentally stronger than they. In case you feel nervous close to girl, she might feel she is stronger than you and reject you.
  • Females often choose more masculine guys who look confident. Most ladies will still prefer dating a confident man, who knows how to behave with women and is ready to give them what they really want. Attracting the most manful male is just about the ladies’ instinct.

Why do ladies prefer dating shy guys?

  • Shy guys are not likely to cheat and lie. Shyness and frankness often come hand in hand. Therefore, many ladies, who had their hearts broken by all these annoying machos, will choose a calm and shy guy.
  • Not all the females dream about superhero. Do not force yourself to become spunkier, since there are thousands of women, who really like shy guys. They just need a delicate and kind man, who will love and take care of them.

Shyness is not actually a drawback. You might have plenty of positive qualities, create a bright career and just be totally successful. That is why, if you feel a little bit nervous establishing first contacts with cute girls, it is absolutely OK.

Flirting prompts for shy guys

Flirting prompts  couple dating

  • Learn to accept rejections. Even if you are a superman, you can face rejections from time to time. Do not stop looking for a girl of your dreams in case a few ladies denied to date you.
  • Look into her eyes. If you feel weak at your knees to approach the girl of your dreams, establish an eye contact with her. She will realize you are interested in her and can easily make the first step by herself!
  • Practice flirting. Master your flirting techniques before asking a girl you really like out.
  • Try to be more confident, but act naturally. Always be yourself and never pretend to be someone else, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.


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