How to Understand Female Body Language

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A guy who wants to have a relationship with a new girl has to know what he’s seeing. Body language of women is one of the few ways women communicate and project how they feel about men as they both get to know each other. The trouble is, most guys or men do not know what they are supposed to be looking for. Some men who know what to look for don’t know how to decipher what they are seeing. There are some ladies who are just too polite to break your heart straight up, trust me, I have been there myself. They will try to give you signs that they are not interested in you. In my opinion, the best way to know if a woman is interested is in the gestures she displays when you are together.

When a lady or girl is attracted to a guy, she naturally opts to wait for the guy to chase her. However, she gives subtle hints and signs to help the guy so he does not lose interest in the chase too quick. Also, these hints are signs a girl likes you and should not be ignored. The truth is most of these signs are not very clear and so it is pretty tough to figure out whether the lady likes you or not.

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Guide on How to Tell if a Woman is Attracted to You

1. Feet Direction

This is one of the most subtle signs that are so easy to miss. Whenever you see a lady you feel attracted to at first sight, before you do anything, glance at your feet. If they are pointing toward the direction the woman or lady is standing or sitting, take it as your cue to go ahead.

If a woman’s feet are pointed towards you, it simply means she wants you to approach her. There is a good chance you will not be turned down if you do. In fact, her feet pointing towards you is by no means an accident!

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2. Mirrors and stays focused on you

This is an effective way to know if the lady you just approached is attracted to you at first sight or just wants to see how you handle things. To do this you yourself need to turn on your own body language. Give her something to work on and see if she reciprocates your actions.

If she is really interested in you, she will switch up her gestures to match yours. For instance, bend and look into her eyes, if she does the same, it’s a huge sign she is connecting with you.

Furthermore, if you are approaching a lady, she was probably doing something when you approached her. For instance, she might be having a chat with her friends. If you approach her and strike up a conversation and you notice she drops the phone to focus more on the conversation, there is a high chance she is connecting with you.

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Even more important, if she touches you “accidentally” or you graze her shoulder and she does not shudder or drawback, it implies she wants you to connect with her. In addition, if she leans in towards you even when you are sitting across each other, she likes you. It is a good way of discerning she wants you to make more attempts.

It is important to know that if a girl doesn’t like you, she won’t entertain invading your space. She would probably cross her arms or legs and naturally face sideways from you. This is a pretty good indicator she wants to show you that you need to move on to another lady.

3. Shows some teeth

If you are having a conversation with a lady and you find her giggling at almost every random funny thing you say, there is a high probability she likes you. In addition, if she makes eye contact with you when she is laughing at your jokes, it is a big sign she is into you.

As long as she makes eye contact, be rest assured she likes what she sees.

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4. Blushes

This is probably the most obvious way to know how a girl feels towards you. If a lady wants you to see only the good in her, there is a high chance she likes you.

Although blushing is an emotional indicator of someone being embarrassed, it also indicates how nervous someone is. Girls are not always nervous. If she is nervous towards you and her cheeks are bringing on color, there is a high chance she wants you to see the good in her. She does not want to do or say something that might turn you off. For some, it also means she enjoys being with you.
The best thing to remember here is if you are not embarrassing her. As long as you aren’t the ball really is in your court. The signs are there for you.

5. Plays with her hair

This is the last body language we will examine. If a lady is into you, she would definitely use her hair. Depends on the scenario, she might play with the hair by twisting it around in her hand or she might swirl it by tilting her head. Either way, there is a reason she is doing it. The best thing you can do is go for it!



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