If Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Sex With You

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While it can be sad and not that ok for you when she’s not interested in sex, the reality is that stuff like this happens sometimes. And you have to figure out the reasons why she is not interested in sex, maybe there are issues or you did something. Either way, understanding all of that is at the core of it all, so you really have to understand what happens and why she is lacking any interest. Obviously it’s a challenge at first but if you do it right it will be fine.

Reasons Why She Doesn’t Like Sex

Sex causes her pain

Some women have health issues that will become progressively worse when they have sex. If the pleasure she gets is less than the amount of pain she wants to go through, you will notice she doesn’t want to have sex that often. And at that point, you should just respect her wish and let her do her own thing without rushing or imposing anything onto her.

She is very busy

When she has no interest in sex reasons can vary. But she might very well be very busy and she doesn’t really have time for this. That doesn’t mean she dislikes you or anything. She loves you because she’s there with you all the time. Yet when a woman is busy she does tend to focus a whole lot on that stuff and things like sex will get out of the way. That can become an issue at first, but you will find it to be better and better as you open up and talk with her.

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Things are stale between you

If there’s a lack of affection, then that explains why she doesn’t want you. Stuff like this can be quite problematic and challenging, and you have to tackle it in a way that really works. Be open, talk with her and try to solve things naturally. That might end up working to your own advantage.

Hormone issues

When women have hormone issues, things like sex are on the backburner. Right now she might be attracted to you but a bit later that attraction wears off. And at that point, all you can do is to just adapt to this and tackle the situation the best way that you can. Sometimes it’s easy, other times it’s hard, but you will get used to it.

Communication is key in a situation like this as you want to avoid issues while still getting the best possible results. Make sure that you care about her and ensure that she is always happy. If she doesn’t want to have sex right now that’s fine, just try to take that into consideration!



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