One Night Stands: How Women Really Feel About it?

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One Night Stand: Facts and Tips for Ladies

There is a common myth that males are the only ones, who are looking for casual sex. However, there are still thousands of women, who don’t mention to have a one-night stand. What makes them looking for such an adventure? What do most ladies feel about casual sex? Let’s get the answers!

Top Reasons Why Ladies Look for One-Night Stands

1. Just feeling horny. If you have no boyfriend or a long-term partner, but still want to have sex, why shouldn’t you try casual sex? However, don’t expect anything serious from your affair and just have a hot night.

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2. Exploring the sexuality. If you want to know your body better, try new sex techniques or you are fond of uncommon sexual practices, casual sex might become the best option. This way, you might make all your secret dirty dreams come true and just say good-bye to your partner after having your best orgasm.

3. Revenging the ex. Many ladies, whose partners cheated on them, try to do the same thing. However, having sex with someone else is not likely to relieve your pain.

4. Looking for something more serious. If you really like a special guy, but he shows little to know interest to you, having sex will not make you dating. The matter is that sex is not likely to bring chemistry between the two people.

5. Being drunk. Drunken ladies are often looking for adventures and tend to make ill-considered decisions. If you feel you’ve drunk too many cocktails, it’s better to leave home alone rather with a partner for casual sex.

3 Tips for Ladies Looking for One-Night Stand

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– Clean you place before going to the bar or party. Your libido might easily drop, when you see tons of dirty clothes on your sofa.

– Don’t expect incredible sex. A short foreplay and just a few positions is the most common scenario for one-night stands.

– Make sure you are looking for casual sex for right reasons. If you are seduced to the particular man in the bar and don’t look for any relationships, go ahead and enjoy your time!

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Ladies tend to regret for having casual sex more often than their male partners. Furthermore, if you are religious, think twice before having a one-night stand. Don’t forget about security: having sex with a total stranger might bring your undesirable consequences. Therefore, make sure to choose your place rather than his dwelling or consider booking a hotel room. Avoid visiting remote or lonely places and surely have a pack of condoms to make your sexual experience safe for your health.



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