Signs She Wants You to Notice Her


Discovering her intentions about you is not so complicated. You also don’t need to learn rocket science for this. Just take note of her actions and her behavior towards you, showing you all the signs and if you catch those approach invitations, don’t miss the bus and act on them. You’ll find numerous signs when a girl wants you to notice her.

Remember making the first move won’t make any harm, though it can move your new relationship to grow in a positive way. Take note of her serious intentions about you. The best way of it is to observe minutely few things including how she manages to hang out around you or does she look impressed with your sense of humor.

Top Signs That She’s Interested in You

She lingers around you

Firstly, take note if she likes to spend time with you or find you worthy of giving her time to. If the answer is yes, it is good news for you as she likes to hang out around you and likes to stand next to you. If she lingers around you for an extended time as compared to your other friends or keeps you in her arm’s reach. This clearly signs that the girl wants you to notice her.

She wants you to make the first move

A girl may make prolonged or repeated eye contact with you or smile at you. Take that as an opportunity and recognize subtle hints that she is giving you. You must understand that the majority of women want their men to take the initiative and approach her. Don’t miss the chance of interaction with her. However, maintain a balance neither moves too fast nor too slow.

a girl fliritng with a man in a cafe

She wants you to talk to her

Maybe you don’t want to be a victim of an eye contact accident, but on the other side if there was eye contact multiple times it might not be an accident and you will lose a good opportunity to interact with her. If you ever recognized any sign from her in any way that she wants you to come over to talk to her, don’t miss the chance.

She finds you attractive

A little attention to her action can give you clarity whether she finds you attractive. If she pays more attention to you in the room full of more attractive guys than you. Consider yourself lucky as the sign is really favorable for you.

She laughs even at your terrible sense of humor

When a girl wants you to notice her she will be the one who must be laughing or giggling at your terrible jokes in a social meet. She will be the one paying the most attention to your words. If you really like her or want to approach her, reciprocate.

Notice her nervousness

A girl who is too shy to give you any sign that she wants you to notice her also gives you a sign. Surprisingly, her nervousness around you is the sign.

Her physical appearance changed suddenly

You might have noticed her earlier physical appearance and if you find a sudden change in it that means she is indicating you. She is devoting her effort to making herself look attractive to you. Change in her appearance, a new hairdo, entirely different dressing style is for seeking your additional attention towards her. And if she is continuously playing with her hair that really is a great sign that she’d like you to come over. Reading a woman is not that difficult. Isn’t it? I guess she deserves a compliment from you.

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She doesn’t want other girls around you

Obviously!!! Her feelings for you must be at extremes and the presence of other girls around you might insecure her and also envy her. Only she wants your attention at every moment. Make the chase, it’s a sign that she wants you to initiate first.


This really sounds exciting that a girl wants you to notice her, and for the same, she is leaving signs. She may be shy or introvert to initiate a talk with you or might be waiting for you to make the first move.

If you understand clear enough and are interested in her signs, you must find any reason to start a conversation with her in order to reciprocate, otherwise, she may misunderstand your innocency to rudeness.

Don’t miss a chance to help her. Don’t miss a chance to make her laugh if you’ve learned about the signs she wants you to notice her.

You can’t decline that eventually, guys are the ones who make the first move and the girl usually expects you to chase after her or maybe anticipating that. Who knows a small meaningful interaction between you two take you to the next level of relationship or begin a new relation. Act upon her non-verbal indicators and be confident that the girl you’re approaching wants you to notice her.

If she is brushing past you frequently when there is enough space in the room, she is using the skill of proximity to winning you or trying to start a conversation with you.

When a girl is seeking your attention, she uses her smile and charm to attract you. When she wants you to win her heart she uses even her touch and when she believes that you are the one who can win her soul, she uses her kiss.



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