Signs She’s Flirting With You

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Knowing That a Girl is Interested

It can be one of the most exciting yet challenging things as well. A many would want to know that he has succeeded in creating the right impression to his potential date. However, reading and interpreting the responses may be another thing altogether. The reason is that women speak a totally different language from what the men expect as a response to their advances.

Interpreting the signs a woman likes you is, therefore, difficult for most men. Luckily, we can learn a lot from psychology experts to make the most use of our communication skills. You need to be aware of all the non-verbal communication so you will not miss the signs, which could determine the rest of your love life. The more you know about women’s language, the better position you will have to understand her reactions to your advances and whether she likes you. If you want to know whether she is flirting with you, begin by learning their language. Missing to notice such signals can cause you to miss the love of your life so take up the challenge and learn the most that you can about feminine, flirty behavior.

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Signs She is Not Interested

Before we examine the signs a girl is interested with you, it will only be fair to find out the signs, which mean she is not interested. They could be simple to grasp if you pay attention. Many non-verbal signs can show you how much close or distant your potential date is to you. Here are some signs she may not be interested in a date with you:

  • Arms crossed rigidly across her chest.
  • Leaning away from you seemingly careful not to come too close.
  • Not contributing at all to the conversation, but letting you do all the talking.
  • Not looking at you at all as you converse.
  • Not paying attention to you all the while as you talk regardless of the sensitivity of the topic. Ignoring the essence of the talk or your presence,as you are trying to strike up a conversation with her.
  • Only one or two word replies to your questions and comments.
  • Touching you too much – Means she just wants to be friends.

How to Tell The Girl is Flirting with You

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After checking out all the signs that she may not be interested, it is time to check if she wants you. Here is how to know if she is flirting with you:

  1. She wears a Smile
    Although this one is tough to figure out, it can tell you a lot about her intentions. Since women smile for many reasons, it may be challenging to make the conclusion at first. For example, it could mean she is nervous or shy especially at first instance. She may also be trying to be friendly, or she really wants to flirt with you. The best way to make a conclusion from it is if she smiles at you from afar. Moreover, the smile had to be deliberate and meant for you. Check if it comes without nerves to prove she really wants to connect with you. This could mean she really is flirting with you and you had better take action accordingly.
  2. Touching her Chin/Twirling her Hair
    For a long time, these shy actions have been proven feminine ways of showing a woman needs to be noticed by a lover. Some of the most common gestures, mostly subconsciously, are touching her lips, chin, and face, or hair. The body language tells a lot about what she needs, and you will be better placed if you can grasp some of them. These gestures are proven as signals of a flirting girl.
  3. Being in Distress
    A girl who needs help is probably flirting too. For example, if she wants help lifting something heavy or figure out something, she could seriously be seeking your attention. The fact is she could be able to handle the task but insists that she needs the help. If you can figure this out, then you can be sure it is a flirting technique aimed at you.
  4. Touchy
    If the girl reaches out to touching distance while you are in a conversation, it could be a good sign she likes you more than you had thought. This means that she is already into you but cannot make it too obvious right then. You need to beware that if she constantly touches you, it is a green light for you.
  5. Cleaning Herself Up
    A woman spending time grooming herself depicts one who is interested in love. If she spends time brushing her hair, applying lip gloss and adjusting her shirt lower than normal means, she is probably flirting. These are some of the clearest signs but check out if she is obsessed with these actions. What to do with the information is up to you depending on whether you are interested too.
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