Top Rated Books on Understanding Women

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Nothing better than a good book

It is always good to have a greater understanding between both the sexes, and it can be a good thing because it definitely leads to a better lifestyle and good bonding with your life partner. Nothing can help you more than a good book which discusses every detail to understand women. Be it understanding the unique societal pressure that women face every day, the tough conditions that women have to pass through in their life, the ordeals they battle in their daily routine and what not.

If a man finds a woman in some trouble, then he needs to understand how to deal and handle such a situation and what kind of reaction is expected of him to have a good relationship in life. Therefore, it is highly important to understand the women’s psyche and deal with them accordingly in different phases of life.

Here are some books that are recommended to understand women better.

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Top Rated Books

1. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

This book is recommended by Joey of Friends Season as well where he reads this book to understands women’s psyche. This novel basically explores the situations that women have to go through in their domestic life. It portrays a life of sisters who have to go through altering experiences of traveling, illness and in this ordeal, they learn to battle the hardships and see themselves as more than little women.

2. The Female Brain – Louann Brizendine

This book deals with the mindset of women and the kind of thinking women usually have about daily events. It goes deeper into the mind of women and is quite didactic about the intricate details of women psychology. It gives solid reasoning about the choices women make and how they operate subconsciously and make decisions in their daily routine.

It also touches the psyche of women about dating, mating and the details that they usually overlook in men. If you are looking to find yourself the best partner and want to make best out of the relationship that you have been carrying, do give this book a read and you’ll delve into women psyche.

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3. Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

This novel is an insight into the women’s features and the psyche of women in the early 19th Century. Jane Austen is often overlooked beyond female book communities, and it touches upon the male dominance in our society. It tells about the control that women have in this society which is depressingly too low.

4. Carol – Patricia Highsmith

This book has been pictured in a film by Todd Haynes which has seen a wide criticism around the globe, Carol follows a lesbian affair between the shop worker and a rich mother. A beautifully written book which gives an insight into the forbidden yearning and intolerance towards homosexuality and female sexuality in general.

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5. On beauty – Zadie Smith

The author is known to write a beautiful masterpiece in this regards and who has good command over complicated parts of people and relationships. She is a pundit who penned down extraordinary On beauty in 2005. The title itself gives enough information about the book which deals with the appearance of women and the relationships between two families.



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