What Mind Games do Women Play to Manipulate Men?

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Mind Games Women Play: Tips to Get Rid of Manipulation

Women are amazing creatures. They might try to do anything to make you do what they want. The common techniques for manipulation of thousands of women worldwide are mind games. What are the most typical mind games women play on men? How to handle them easily? Find out the answers below!

Top Women’s Mind Games

1. Flirting game. Your lady is trying to make you jealous and just lose your mind because of her using this simple trick. She wears cute makeup, sexy closes and just starts flirting with some other guys, when she knows you can see her. The worst option here is to show your jealousy, starting to fight or do anything to show you don’t appreciate such an odd behavior. The best choice is to show that you are absolutely indifferent with all these mind games and just disappear from her sight. As soon as your lady notices you are not around, she will stop flirting and will try to find you.

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2. Waiting game. This kind of manipulation is incredibly annoying. Your new crush is not picking the phone, when you call her again and again. She might also intentionally get late for all your dates for a couple of hours to make you wait for her. When you finally meet, you chase her even more than ever. That’s what she really wants to get! So, what is the solution for this common women mind game? First of all, don’t call her dozens of times before she picks up her phone. In case your crush doesn’t pick up her mobile, wait for her call back. In case she is late for a date for over 1 hour, just leave! Not to mention, making you waiting for so long time is not a mind game, but disrespect. When she is a little bit late, avoid chasing her more than ever.

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3. Sex game. Most men really want to have more sex with their girlfriends and the ladies definitely know this fact. That is why many girls start playing the mind game, where you should do anything they want to have sex with her. She might want you to go shopping with her, miss you favorite football match or avoid meeting with your mates on Fridays. If you still do what you want, you will be banned from sex with her. How can you easily stop this? Tell your lady that sex is a mutual desire and you will wait as long as she needs. Never do what she wants in order to get sex with her, since you can easily become a toy in your girlfriend’s hands.

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4. Tears game. Tears are the secret tool for manipulation, used by millions of women. When you don’t do anything she wants you to do, she starts crying. Your heart melts and your girlfriend easily gets what she wants. However, this is a wrong way. Although there are still some cases, where her tears are absolutely sincere, most of crying divas do it intentionally. Tell your lady that you are not going to make all her caprices come true, either she cries or not. If she sees you are confident with your position to the issue, she will stop crying and is likely stop playing this mind game in the future.

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