Why do Bad Guys Get Good Girls Easily?

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5 Reasons Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys

Love is a miracle. Thousands of scientists all over the world are still wondering, why we people like certain partners more than others. Although the question remains to be answered, there are still some well-known facts about how we choose our matches. One of these facts unveils the truth that good girls often choose bad guys. Why are they keen on toxic people? We know the answer!

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Why Do Nice Girls Like Bad Boys

1. Confidence. Bad boys can usually boast a high self-esteem and an incredibly high level of confidence. There is nothing new that all the ladies unconsciously choose confident partners. To most ladies, including, really good girls, this feature seems to be one of the most attractive. When a guy exactly knows what he wants, when he looks handsome and is ready to come a bit strong, it’s always incredibly hot. Bad guys are often more mannish, communicative and brave: the qualities every lady is looking for in the man of her dreams.

2. Choice. Good girls might be often shy or conservative, while most of them still prefer, when a guy makes the first step in the relationship. Bad guys are not afraid to approach to the woman they like and have higher chances to establish primary connection with their crush. Therefore, thousands of good girls don’t actually choose their partners; they are chosen by bad guys. On one hand, when a good boy sees a pretty lady, he might not be approaching, because she might be already dating with someone else. On the other hand, bad guys don’t think – they try to pick up the girl they like, despite of risks of being rejected.

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3. Fun. Bad guys are always amazingly funny. They can tell dozens of stories about their lives, making girls smile and laugh. Good boys work hard, make a career, educate and go in for sports: their lives are usually routine and stable. And that’s not interesting or funny.

4. Dull. Many good girls are over controlled by their parents. They starve for adventures, crazy love and deep feelings. However, most good boys are not ready to offer them bright memories, visit forbidden places and explore astonishing secrets.

5. Challenge. Good girls got used for attention of dozens of good guys, while the bad man might not even notice nice lady. Therefore, girls need to try harder to seduce him and this simple trick usually seems really hot.

However, not all the good girls choose bad men. Some of them are smart enough to avoid communicating with toxic, authoritarian or addicted guys. In this case, being an exception to the rule is much better then become another common girl of the bad man.



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