Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

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It is with a sheer chance that you will find a good girl and a good guy dating. This is where the law of magnetism applies in relationships (unlike poles attract). But do good girls like bad guys really? You know it sounds like a joke.

Attraction to bad guys does not mean that they like them over the good guys, no! It is the qualities they possess that are attractive. For a good guy to win in a field with bad guys, then they should practice some of the bad guy’s traits. It will give them a double advantage.

Reasons Good Girls Love Bad Boys

They are attractive

Most bad guys spend much of their time improving their physical appearance. You will find them spending hours in the gym to strengthen their abs. They will lift the weights, do the sit-ups and the push-ups. They will wake up early to do a mile jog. Looking good is their full-time job. They obviously know how any woman would die to have a masculine man. It gives a sense of protection. A woman is sure she will be protected from any physical harm.

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They will wear designer clothing. They are perfect at dressing their good structures bodies. When a woman sees this, they can’t help but drool. Their grooming will not end at clothes and shoes, they will visit the high-end barber shop to have the latest haircut. A designer cologne is a must-have. They definitely don’t have a match when it comes to good grooming.

When a lady comes across such kind of a refined man, they will tend to think that this guy is what they have been looking for all their lives. They end up hooking up with them. They try all they can to keep this man, but eventually, they will get hurt.

They are adventurers

Every normal person desires an adventurous life. It is even more enjoyable when one goes on an adventure with their partners. Bad guy’s life is filled with a lot of ice skating, sky diving horse riding, and many other extreme sports. Girls secretly like extreme sports but are not confident enough to attend them on their own. Therefore they would appreciate getting a partner who will be by their side when sky diving, or zip lining.

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They seem to have a good heart

It is not quite clear whether these bad guys have a good heart or they are pretenders. However, many girls that date them shower them with praises of how great they are. This leaves girls with a thought that they can change them, well they try, but it has not been documented if any of them managed to change a bad guy. These guys possess an ego so great that they can’t change for anyone. They would rather maintain that title forever.


This natural process occurs on most ladies (a large percentage). Studies have shown that, when it is that time a ladies cycle when the baby box is so excited, ladies tend to be attracted to bad guys. They have a strong conviction that they would make responsible partners. However, this feeling is short-lived as the girls will then like their nicer guys during the other days of the cycle.

However, when you mix this biology and charming nature of bad guys, the girls are likely to make a choice of being with bad boys.

Bad guys are go-getters

When they are set to do something nothing can possibly stop them. A bad boy will openly flirt with your girl right before your eyes. Annoying. Right? But your presence will not shake them, they are interested in the girl, and that’s just what they want. This trait really attracts a lot of girls. The girls end up falling into their paws.

They are decisive

When approaching a girl, the bad boy has already decided what he wants in her. Most cases it’s to get laid. They will make it clear that is what they want. Their nicer counterparts more often than not get rejections because they are not sure if they want what they are asking for. Here, the bad guys win.

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They are unpredictable

Unlike the good guys, the bad guys will not give their girls the first priority. They call them when they want. Sometimes they won’t drop them home after dinner. This will prompt the girl to plead with them. Of course, it massages their egos. And that is their aim. The girl will eventually spend time at his place. Another win for him.

The relationship with bad guys does not last long. Alter a lot of fun and adventure, the guy will unleash his narcissistic behaviors. Selfishness will go overboard. He will make you feel unwanted. He will damage your self-esteem. You will cry and beg for his mercy, he will show no sympathy. This is where you will pick up your broken pieces and leave the relationship before depression kicks in, the bad boy will soon replace you with another unsuspecting girl treat her like a queen. Use her, dump her, and the cycle continues on and on.



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