Why Do Nice Guys Get Friendzoned? 4 Common Reasons of Becoming a Friend Only

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4 Reasons for Getting Friendzoned and How Can You Avoid It

Many guys wonder, where the friendzone begins and what it really means. Friendzone is a special kind of relationship, where your lady is treating you like her mate rather than like her boyfriend. This means you have no chemistry, no sexual attraction and are not dating. Everyday millions of god guys are getting friendzoned and here we will find why it actually happens.

4 Common Reasons for Getting Friendzoned

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1. You intentions are not clear. Have you ever asked your lady for a date? Did you show her your affection? Many ladies still believe that guys often want to become friends only and make you friendzoned. They simply don’t realize you want more. Therefore, it’s important to show your intentions and make her feel you want more than friendship.

2. You are trying too hard. When a guy is too persistent and is doing his best to attract a girl, he might suddenly get friendzoned. If you don’t want to get into the dead water, avoid making too many things for her. The true relationship always has mutual support, understanding and feelings. That is why if you start feeling you are doing too much for her, make a small pause to make her realize she needs you.

3. You are her therapist. You shouldn’t listen about all her problems with other guys. If you want to become her boyfriend, avoid talking about other men asking her for a date. No lady will want to date with someone, who knows all her problems and issues with an opposite sex.

4. You are afraid to lose her. Many guys are afraid to ask their crushes for a date, because they are afraid to get a rejection. Although it might be painful, it is better to know what she is feeling to you rather than get into the trap of friendzone and suffer for years. Furthermore, if she says no, you will save plenty of time and find your true love much easier.

How to Become Her Boyfriend Rather Than Just a Friend?

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1. Compliment her. Make your lady feeling special and try to add some funny sexual compliments for her appearance.

2. Touch her. Gentle touches are the secret weapon of body language. By touching her “accidentally”, you make her feel you want more than just friendship.

3. Don’t show your affection, when you hang on with friends. Make her think you get her special attention only on privacy.

4. Don’t behave like all her mates. If you want to become special, do special things for her. Just be different from the crowd of her common friends.

5. Show that other ladies want you. Make her think you are not going to sit and wait for her for months.



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