What do women find attractive? Top 7 qualities of a perfect man


What do women find attractive: how many of this qualities do you have?

Attracting women might be not so easy. What qualities women find to be the most important in a man? What do women find attractive? Let’s investigate the preferences and desires of the majority of ladies and draw the portrait of a guy of their dreams.

  1. Surprised, yeah? However, empathy and kindness are one of the vital things for every relationship a woman is looking for. In the girl’s viewpoint, in case you love and can take care of your dog, you are likely to be a good husband and father. Being compassionate and responsive to needs of other people are the features most females really like. Note: always be respectful to your mother and other relatives, since it usually reflects your future attitude to your girlfriend.sexy men
  2. Great listening skills. Although it might sound difficult, every man should learn to be a good listener. There is nothing new that most girls are expressive and talkative. Your ability to listen carefully and keep up a conversation will definitely attract ladies.
  3. Confidence and plans for future. Most females love confident guys, who know what they want and are ready to get it. However, do not confuse confidence with rudeness; otherwise, you are likely to ruin your relationship.
  4. A good sense of humor. Ladies are likely to date and marry those guys, who can easily make them smile. Laugh is a key for making through any tough periods in your life. However, you cannot make laugh all the ladies; just find a girl, whose sense of humor will be similar to yours.
  5. Attention to details. Ladies appreciate males, who do not forget about the holidays, important dates and anniversaries, as well as those who notice all the minor changes in her look.
  6. Average to high level of income. Although most females will reject that they are looking for rich guys, they still choose wealthy men rather than ordinary ones. However, if you have low incomes, but still have good prospects, many ladies will be attracted to you, too.good men sea
  7. What more do women find attractive? Appearance and style. Most women prefer stylish men, who take care of their appearance. However, you might not wear brand clothes, but take shower regularly, use deodorant and shave. Tidy and up-to-date outfits are also a good option.


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