How to get guy’s attention when he says he just wants to be friends?

How to get guy’s attention when he says he just wants to be friends

What to do when a guy says he just wants to be friends?

Of course, he will follow you to the edge of the world, but you need something different, as this is what guys, do when considering you a friend. Put it differently, he wants to become your friend, but not a beloved one. Any desire of spiritual intimacy sometimes fades into the background, when it comes to feelings. That is why, the main question is how to get a guy’s attention when he just wants to be friends.

Keep in notice that thoughtless actions can lead to undesirable consequences: he might become neither a friend, nor a boyfriend. It is always worth remembering that there must be limits, one should not go beyond. Especially if it concerns conquering a man’s heart.

Useful tips

Evoke interest. He offers you only friendship and this is already an advantage, because you have managed to interest him with your personality. Believe me, it means a lot. On the basis of your friendship, try to reveal yourself, making an emphasis on all your positive qualities. Feel free to talk about your hobbies, preferences, favorite books, movies and so on. Do not forget to show that you are a broad-minded person, guys really like such girls.

Useful tips

Take care of him. We are perfectly aware of the fact that friendship is all about a mutual care. That is why, do not miss a chance to help a guy in his problems (with work, studying, etc.). This does not cause any suspicion, but will certainly increase your value in his eyes. And, of course, do not forget about friendly advice.

Intrigue him. Try to surprise a guy as often as possible. Be an active person; do not be lazy to come up with various ideas for a weekend, because friends are people who can meet and have a good time at any moment. Spending time together will help you get closer.

Flirt with him. No doubt, women’s flirting can help get a desirable attention of a guy. Therefore, do not forget about this little trick. Just remember that it is not worth going too far. You have promised to be friends, so no intimate hints!

Show your attitude to him. If you are precisely sure that it will not do much harm, then show your guy that he means much more than just a friend to you. Praise him, making an emphasis on his positive qualities. Such compliments and attention paid to them is very flattering for men and they begin to appreciate a woman, who can sincerely tell that he is the best.

Show your attitude to him

Check his reaction. Fantasize about a topic as if you were a couple. Look at his reaction. If it is negative, tell him that it has been just a joke. If it is positive, leave the topic open so that you can return to it at any time. What is more, do not stop communicating with other guys. In such a way, it can cause jealousy from his side.

From friendship to love. If a guy wants to be friends, you should agree without any hesitations and cherish your friendship. Do it, even if you do not see any chance of building bright future together. Remember, it can be the first step to his heart. Sometimes ordinary friendship can be the beginning of something more.



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