What do girls like in guys? What is a man of your dream?

man of your dream

What do girls like in guys: a portrait of a perfect man

Every girl is absolutely unique, having her own dreams, plans and expectations. However, all the ladies dream to find a perfect man, who will meet all their requirements. What do girls like in guys? Which qualities should have a dream guy? Let’s find out!

  • There is nothing new that all women prefer handsome guys. A man from girl­’s dreams needs to have a great posture, strong body and a charming smile. His clothes should be tidy and stylish, while his smile is absolutely mannish and cool. Good grooming is another must-have of every great male.male man dream
  • Although a perfect man might be smoking; he should n­ot have any bad habits, such as alcohol or drug dependence. No way!
  • Chivalry is not dead. An ideal candidate should be intelligent, polite and caring. Rudeness and foul language are not considered sexy by most girls.
  • Great sense of humor. A good sense of humor is another necessary quality of a perfect boyfriend. If a guy can easily make his beloved one smile, he is half a way to become a man of her dreams.
  • An ideal male should also have a good job and salary. Although he might not be a billionaire, the middle or high level of prosperity is definitely important.
  • A key feature of every charming male is his confidence. A man of girl’s dreams should be self-confident, brave and should have certain plans for the nearest future.Nil Cefri best man
    • A perfect conversationalist. Communication is one of the vital features of every healthy relationship. A perfect man is a good listener, always ready to support his soulmate.
    • An ideal candidate often gives small gifts and makes surprises to his beloved one. Moreover, he is ready to spend his time and money on hobbies, travelling and other leisure activities.
    • Alpha male. An ideal man should have an outstanding charisma that makes him different from hundreds of other guys, as well as makes most girls fall in love at first sight.
    • Caring and loving. A perfect boyfriend always stands for his lady. He is ready to help, as well as to share her joy and sorrow. Just saying ‘I love you’ is definitely not enough.

    Note: although your boyfriend might not have all the qualities from the list above, but you still love him, stop looking for someone else! Nobody is perfect: stay happy together and forget about his little drawbacks!



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