Do girls like nice guys?

Do girls like nice guys ?

Do girls like nice guys? 5 significant reasons ladies go for nice guys

There is a common myth that ladies always choose bad guys. However, this rule works mostly for teens and casual sex. Therefore, women try to find a nice guy for long-term relationship and creating a family. But why ladies often prefer bad guys? What should good boys learn from bad ones? Here is the answer!

Do girls like nice guys

  • Bad guys often have an exceptional charisma. Ladies like boys, who are stylish, have their own particular views and who can easily make female’s hearts melt.
  • Bad guys are absolutely self-confident. There is nothing new that confidence is a key factor to attract any lady. Bad boys usually have a high self-esteem and are totally masculine. Not to mention, bad guys can also boast a good appearance and body shape.
  • Bad guys are never boring. They often arrange awesome dates and are full of adventurous ideas for the next weekend. No more classical restaurants and movies.
  • Bad guys are courageous. They can easily visit their crushes living thousands of miles away. They can make surprises and impress ladies with spontaneity and creativity.

After all, do girls like nice guys? Sure! Since bad boys often hurt their feelings, ladies will still choose nice guys in the end. Why?

good couple good men

  • Nice guys know girl’s needs and desires. They take care of their beloved one, pay compliments, bring flowers and are always ready to help for any reason. Perhaps, they might be a little bit awkward or unconventional, good buys are great communicators.
  • They notice little things that are important to most women. Made a new haircut? Bought a new dress? Good guy will definitely notice and praise your efforts. All in all, they are attentive and often make their ladies feel special.
  • They take care of women. While bad guys often cheat and lie, good boys will think twice before even talking about tough issues. They value relationships and are ready to make it even better.
  • Good guys are just perfectly imperfect. Everyone has their own drawbacks. However, if you really love someone, his or her drawbacks seem to be just little imperfections.
  • Good guys are ready to teach. Good boys try to share their hobbies, preferences and ideas with their partners. Therefore, women, who date good guys, might easily become smarter, wiser and totally better.


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