Do girls want to have sex as much as guys do: Unveiling ladies’ secrets

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Do girls want to have sex as much as guys do: New facts about female sexuality.

Many people still think that men need more sex than women do. However, many scientists prove that this fact is just an old-fashioned cliché. How do ladies feel their sexuality? Do girls want to have sex as much as guys? What are their most common sexual desires? What do women think about intimacy? How to satisfy your girlfriend in bed? Let’s find the answers!

  • Most women confess they want more sex. Although many men suppose that they want more “hot times” than women, ladies are those who usually lack of sex. The majority of ladies prefer to have sex three to five times a week. Furthermore, for some “hot chicks” even that amount is still not enough! Just try to arrange your dates more often to find out, whether your partner wants more.
  • Sex is incredibly important to any relationship. Yes, most women value their sexual life. Not to mention, they can often break up with their partners because of bad ladies’ secrets
  • Emotional connection is an inevitable part of sex. According to ladies, deep feelings and affection to the partner is even more important than the foreplay.
  • Most ladies reach orgasm at least once per intercourse. Although many girls are still struggling for this issue, the majority of women are lucky to reach orgasm regularly.
  • Stress significantly influences women’s sexual desires. If she has some serious problems in any sphere of life, your sex is not likely to be awesome.
  • Women want to experiment in bed. Some men are still afraid to bring their sexual desires into life. However, most ladies are ready to accept new lingerie, toys and accessories to offer their partners even more pleasure. So, if you want to buy these sexy handcuffs, go ahead!picture ladies’ secrets
  • Most women enjoy when men dominate. Ladies usually do not like to make the first step or initiate the foreplay. If a man wants to have more sex, he definitely should not be ashamed of his desires.

Do girls want to have sex as much as guys do? The answer is “Yes!” Moreover, most girls are light-minded, love their bodies and are 100% ready for experiments. So, talk to your beloved one, discuss your desires and have an awesome sex!



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