When a guy is too busy for a relationship: unveiling the truth

too busy for a relationship

What should you do, when a guy is too busy for a relationship?

First of all, stop fooling yourself. In case your boyfriend has no time to build relationship with you, you are definitely not his priority. If you are not the most important person for him, he is not in love. Although it might be painful or disappointing, the truth is that your affair is not likely to grow into something bigger. What should you do, when a guy is too busy for a relationship? What does he really mean? Let’s find the reasons for his ‘always busy’ behavior.

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  • Your new crush does not really like you. In case you really enjoy communication with someone, you will definitely spend more and more time together. No excuses! If your boyfriend says he is too busy, the best option is to stop grabbing his attention.
  • He has some unsolved problems with his ex-girlfriend. If your boyfriend often talks about his former lady, he might just still be into her. This way, it is better to delete his number and run away as fast as you can.
  • He is dating several girls. In case your boyfriend mixes up the important facts about you incredibly often, he might be dating several ladies at the same time. Furthermore, you are not among his favorites. If you do not want to be an alternate option for this guy, you know what to do!
  • He is still using dating apps. Therefore, your new crush is still looking for someone else. This way, he is likely to break up as soon as he finds someone, who he will like more.

What are the warning signs when it comes to a ‘too busy guy’?

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  • He is not really interested in your lifestyle, hobbies, plans, friends, etc.
  • He does not want to display his affection to you in public places.
  • He is uncertain about what he wants from the relationship.
  • He does not feel excited when you ask him on a date.
  • He has no plans for the nearest future for you two.
  • He does not use the word ‘we’ when talking about your couple.
  • You have a gut feeling that something went wrong.

All in all, you need to consider that your current relationship might not have a brilliant future. Moreover, if you often face more than 5 warning signs above, take a break to understand your feelings and cope with your emotions.



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