Guy’s Habits We Can’t Stand

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Top Common Men’s Habits Most Ladies Can’t Stand

Ladies are sensitive creatures. That is why to impress the woman of your dream; you should be somewhere-near perfect guy. Although girls have different preferences, there are still some men’s habits that most of them detest. What are the most annoying guy’s habits? The answers are right here below.

Top Highly Unattractive Guy’s Habits

1. Drinking too much alcohol. Although having a few drinks can make you more relaxed and easy-going, drinking too much is one of the worst habits that turn of women. Not to mention, there is nothing more disgusting, than a drunken guy, who wants to seduce a woman. Furthermore, drinking too much can harm your body, mind and sexual performance.

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2. Drug abuse. Most ladies are absolutely intolerant for drugs. If you are fond of smoking weed, finding a girlfriend, who shares your views might be challenging. Therefore, most girls will not approve your habits.

3. Smoking. Non-smoking ladies prefer non-smoking guys. If your smell is similar to an ashtray, chances that she will choose another guy to go for a date. If you still can’t stop smoking, use mint gum and try to smoke lighter cigarettes.

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4. Poor hygiene. Having dirty hair, awful smell and bad manicure is one of the most annoying guy’s habits. Girls find sexy the sweating men’s bodies only on the pictures. However, they prefer tidy and accurate guys in real life.

5. Low emotional control. If you are too emotional, loud and unbalanced, you might easily turn of many awesome girls. Therefore, having an uneven temper is one of the top bad qualities millions of women just can’t stand.

6. Being impolite. Being mannish doesn’t mean being rude or impolite. If you want to look like a real gentleman, remember about chivalry. Good manners are one of the most important features for any cool man.

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7. Indifference. Really great guys value their girlfriends. If you often don’t respond to her messages or shut up your common plans for no particular reason, you might soon breakup with your crush.

8. No plans for future. Living your life with no concern is another bad guy’s habit that girls can’t stand. Therefore, you need to have some goals and aims, as well as self-confident to reach them.

9. Flirting with other ladies. This habit is a common no-no for most girls. If you really love her, you shouldn’t flirt with anyone else. Otherwise, you might seem to be a womanizer and a heart breaker.

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10. Laugh at your girl’s little imperfections. Drawbacks are not fun. If you have such a bad habit, you might lose your girlfriend in a short time.

Getting rid of these habits might not be an easy thing. However, if you want to be healthier, happier and have a long-term relationship, it’s a good idea to make away with most of them.



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