How to date a guy if you are shy?

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How to date a guy: 10 tips for dating newbies

So, you are going to date an awesome guy. Wondering how does dating work? What should you do to impress him while you are shy and absolutely new to this? Below you will find some cool tips on how to date a guy and avoid most common dating mistakes thousands of girls often make.

  1. Date only with those guys you really like. Many ladies go on dates with men only because they cannot say “No”. Do not waste your time; although your rejection might hurt guy, just let him go.couple hands love
  2. Be confident. Either it might be difficult, try to be confident. However, avoid drinking too much alcohol wishing to make your conversation easier; you may just lose control. Note: your partner is nervous, too! So, keep calm and enjoy your date.
  3. Do not wear too sexy clothes on the first date. The best idea is to have an attractive look with cute and simple outfit, as well as to put a little make-up.
  4. Do not text him constantly. If you have already started dating, avoid texting your crush dozens of times every day. Otherwise, it might kill the chemistry between you two. Just find the needed balance.
  5. Do not be ashamed to ask questions. You cannot show your interest to a particular person without asking questions. If you want to know something, do not be afraid to ask!
  6. Plan your dates together. Do not force your guy to arrange all the dates; take the initiative from time to time. Surprise him with an awesome date!
  7. Have sex only when you really want it. Avoid feeling the pressure to share a bed with your partner. If your crush really values you, he will definitely wait until you are ready to have sex.couple love
  8. Give him a hint. If you really like the person, give him a small hint you would like to see him again. You might hug your guy or just say a couple of words about the great time you had. Up to you!
  9. Ask your crush what he is looking for. The answer to this simple question will definitely give you plenty of useful information about the prospects of your relationship.
  10. Do not press. Sometimes the first date does not go as smoothly as you expected. If your guy stopped texting or started to ignore you, avoid pressing or being too intrusive. Just go ahead and you will definitely find a guy of your dreams!





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