Easy tips on how to ask a guy on a date

how to ask a guy

Simple tips on how to ask a guy you like on a date without being rejected

The world is constantly changing. Many guys now feel shy to ask a girl they like out and prefer to wait for her to make the first move. How to ask a guy on a date? Below you will find a few prompts on how to ask him out with ease.

First of all, make sure that he is attracted to you. Do you have this tricky eye contact from time to time? Has he already tried to ask you out? Do you really think he is not ready to make the first step due to his shyness? Moreover, if you have a couple of mutual friends, you can easily find out, whether he is single or not.

So, you really think that he likes you, but still hesitates to ask you out. How to ask a guy on a date?

  • This method is good for incredibly self-confident and brave ladies. This way you are going to ask him out, like most guys asked you before. Drop a couple of phrases that you have much in common and then ask him for a drink in the evening. Not to mention, this is easier said than done.

Text him women loved

  • Text him. If you are not sure he will accept your offer, you can easily write him a message in social media or any messenger. You can write something like, ‘I’m fond of rock music, too! Want to go on a rock concert tomorrow?’ This method is much easier, since you do not interact in person.

women phone tex him

However, these two methods might make him believe you just want to stay friends. In case you avoid using the word ‘a date’, your guy might also think you are not looking for romance with him. Moreover, most males do not understand hints. That is why the best option is to tell him what you think directly and suggest him what to do. Be clear and easy.

Not to mention, be prepared for the rejection. In case he replies that he is busy this weekend, just smile and go away. You might also say, ‘Maybe, next time!’ Avoid showing your disappointment or wonder. Moreover, if he refuses once, never ask him again. Perhaps, he is not the right person for you. Just live your life on full and you will meet a guy, who will value your personality without any hints and first steps.




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