Hot tips on how to act on a second date with a guy

Hot tips on how to act on a second date with a guy

How to act on a second date with a guy: tips and tricks

Having a second date might be as nervous as your first one, especially in case you really felt some chemistry. What is a key to a successful second date? What place should you choose? Below you will find some prompts on how to act on a second date with a guy.

  • Be different. Never ever wear the same clothes on your second date, no matter how attractive you are in this fabulous red dress. Impress him with your awesome appearance one more time: you might change your look, hairstyle and even make-up to show that you can be beautiful in different couple men women
  • Plan the date according to his interests. The first dates are usually arranged to meet the lady’s interests. So, now it is your turn to make him feel more comfortable. If he likes football, just buy tickets for the match. Your new crush will be definitely terrified with your initiative.
  • Ask questions. Note: avoid asking the same questions on your second date or show that you forgot some facts that are important to your man. Unveil some interesting facts about yourself and try to have a more sincere communication; just show your true feelings, laugh and smile.
  • Avoid talking about sex and exes. These two topics are ‘no-no’ for the second and even third date. Talking about your ex-boyfriend in details might easily spoil the good impression.
  • Pay for yourself. Although chivalry is not dead and your partner will be ready to pay for you, it is better to split your bill. This simple trick will make you look more confident and reliant.
  • Drink, but not too much. Drinking alcohol is usually a tricky thing. A glass of wine is absolutely enough to elevate your mood without being drunk.
  • Relax and have a great time. If you want to have a really good date, stop playing games and be your best self. However, if you feel that this guy was not meant for you, use the text-friend help.Kiss and hug if you really want
  • Kiss and hug if you really want. Do not be ashamed to respond to his non-verbal gestures. In case your new crush takes your hand or gently touches you, do not panic and just listen to your gut. Having sex on the second date might look like a bad idea at the first glance; however, if both of you are burning from desire, just follow your feelings.


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