How To Keep A Man Interested?

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Relationships are something which happens naturally, one cannot decide whom he or she has to love or to live with. It’s something which your heart decides and brain responds, it’s a feeling on which mind responds and whenever people are with their crush, it secrets hormones like oxytocin and dopamine. Beginning of a love duo is the most beautiful phase of a relationship but to stay in it with full interest and zeal if something which asks for efforts. Many surveys have shown that man’s generally losses their interest or the intensity of interest decreases after some time. Actually, it is the natural tendency of the XY chromosomes (men) to lose interest in the things they achieve.

Activities And Things Can Help in Drawing His Attention Again

How to keep a man interested in you:

  • Men love to see a woman taking care of things on her own. To be specific, ‘Things’ here means work which is considered to be manly like washing vehicles, paying general utility bills etc. these things impress a man as this will surely spare him some time which he can enjoy on his own.
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  • Compliments are not just words but feelings and sometimes they work like lubricants in the engine of a relationship. Men would love to hear a compliment and a token of appreciation when it comes from her heart. For example, if he helps you in washing dishes or never loses his temper even in tensed situations, you must let him know that you love his traits and behavior. Every human-like hearing good words for self and your man is no exception. Never mind if he gives a cold response or not say anything at all, these complements actually makes him happy and interested.
  • Love is something which asks to be shown, never miss a chance to say ‘I love you’. Man too loves surprises and cherish when they receive them from their girl. Do flirt with him even when you guys are together, ask about how his day was and never miss hugs and kisses.
  • Don’t try to carry another personality in front of him if you are someone else in real. People have this tendency to act as per his likes and once he finds the difference, it lowers his interest as he might think that her girl is not honest. Stay who you are, be natural and believe in yourself. If he has feelings for you then he will love you anyway.
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  • One thing which has been seen in many interviews where a guy has expressed what he dislikes the most about his girl is her being jealous of his female friends. It is important to understand that jealously snatches the interest, so stop doing it. Understand that being in a relationship does not mean he cannot talk or meet to his other friends. In fact, it is important for you both to spend time with your friends too, go for a drink or play games. Just believe that he has chosen you over his other friends so don’t give him a reason by acting rude and in an uneven way when or after he comes from friend’s home.
  • Sex is something which plays an important role in keeping a relationship healthy. Physical connections are important as they develop trust and what does a man need if her women initiate the ‘thing’. Try to initiate the intercourse from your end, at least a few times, and when you will make a move where he is not at all thinking about it will drive his interest in you. Long kisses, quickies, and cuddling are something which a man loves more than women.

Men love challenges and when it comes from their women’s, they can do anything to win that which eventually keeps them interested in you.

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How to Challenge a Man And Keep Him Interested?

Here, challenges do not mean you have to ask him to ride with free hands or making him do thumb fight with your other friend. Challenge him in things like, can you cook something for me? Or I challenge, you cannot find your blue shirt in the wardrobe? And never forget to announce the prize of winning. Offer him sexuality with like, would you like burn some calories tonight? These things help in maintaining a healthy and intertie relationship with each other.

In this fast-paced world, where maintaining a professional life and personal life itself is a hard thing. There will be times when both of you will be fighting or getting upset with each other, it is normal but never involve any outsider in your personal matters. Even when discussing the point, stay calm and if it is getting worse than stay cool and leave the spot at that time. Resolve it after both of you are normal and never wait for another one to apologize. If you were wrong than accept it. Your man will surely appreciate your maturity and this maturity is something which pulls his attention and interest in you. Relationships are like butterflies, if you will hold it tight it will die and if you hold it very loose it will fly. Keep the momentum and love you man with full heart, listen to him, kiss him and appreciate what he does for you. If you are doing this, no power can lower his interest in you.



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