How to Reject a Proposal in A Good Way

a man making a proposal and a woman showing with hand rejection

Well, the debate about who to make proposals a never ended, some believe men should make the move and others feel women should, however, from many cultures we have seen men take up the responsibility because it is believed to be part of masculinity. So ladies, has someone ever proposed to you and you feel like there is no chemistry at all? What did you do? This is very normal, it happens, if it has not happened to you yet then just be patient your day is coming. Saying No to a guy is nothing new, but how you say it is what makes the difference.

Tips on How to Say No

1. Be open

If you want to reject a proposal in a good way, you need to be very honest, do not try to lie from the very start when a man approaches you with a proposal. If you are sure from the heart that you don’t want to date a man who is before you with a proposal even if they have a lot of material belongings and you are tempted to lie to them, then it is wise to just tell them it is not possible, however, make it sound very gentle. You can say something like “thank you, but no, it is not possible I have a date already” with such reply, even the crazy one will understand and they will nicely fall back. One thing you should be sensitive with is giving excuses that don’t add up, for instance, don’t say that you are too busy with work when you don’t have a job at all and he will keep seeing you moving around all the time.

2. Be complimentary in your rejection

This is the most polite way of rejecting a proposal; at least the person proposing has something to go away with. In this method, you are basically attaching a small compliment to what may seem like a hash answer. For instance, instead of just saying you are not interested, you can add a little compliment and say to them like “you have a great personality, but it is not possible dating you” this is a rejection that comes with a very soft punch, it really does not hurt someone. They will away at least with the knowledge that they have a great personality, only that things cannot work out. Instead of turning away people completely, you can give them a different offer, you can tell them it is only possible to be friends but not dating, this will be a very soft way of making things work, in fact, they will not bother you anymore.

3. Give a clear and direct answer

What makes men quite persistent is the fact that you are not giving a clear answer. If you are very sure that you don’t want to date someone, just give a clear answer that you don’t have to think for a long time until they think you can reconsider your decision. A clear answer will show directly that you are not interested, however, you should be very keen with such answers, they mostly come out sounding like they are rude and they can hurt a person. If you get a person coming with a proposal, tell them on the very first time that you are not interested if you don’t want them, you should, however, make it in a very polite way, you can say something like” thank you but am not interested” this is polite but it is stating the answer clearly. You should avoid giving promising answers that will; keep their hopes high. For example, if you are not interested in someone don’t give responses like “let me think about it” this will keep the guy thinking that things will work out.

4. Mind your non-verbal communication

This is very important and many people really fail to pass this test. Are your words showing up on your face? Well, saying ‘thank you’ is not all about the meaning, everyone knows that it is all about how you are saying it, and you must show that on your face that you mean it and you are not just saying for the sake. First make sure that the tone of your voice is very gentle, however, as gentle as you sound, your eye contact should show that you are serious about what you are saying, say it gently but show firmness of whatever you are saying, this high level of respect will make the person understand you just when you speak for the first time. Another thing is that you should not try to embarrass the guy in public, be very gentle speak with a very low tone so that whatever you are speaking is just between you and him no neighbor standing around should hear about it.



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