Ladies: How to Make the First Move On A Guy


Making the First Move: Impress a Guy With Ease

The chemistry between the two people is often tricky. What should you do, when a guy shows clear signs that he is into you, but still doesn’t make the first step? Do it yourself! Below you will find 10 easy prompts on how to approach your new crush.

Become the First One to Approach: Tips and Tricks

1. Make sure he’s noticed you. Have you established this sparkling eye contact? Does he smile to you? Just pay extra attention to the body language of the man you like: if your new crush often looks at you, mirrors your gestures or leans towards you, you’ve already done half of the flirting job.

2. Flirt. If he still hasn’t noticed you, try to flirt. Just looking at him and smiling from time to time can really make wonders. Be yourself and feel relaxed to make the brightest impression.

3. Try to be easy-going and casual. Your new crush might still hesitate, whether to approach you. This way, you will need to make him feel more comfortable and relaxed.

4. Avoid demonstrating your jealousy. Although you might just start going crazy, when any girl starts chatting with him, but never show your jealousy. This lady might be his friend, colleague or even sister. So, relax and swallow it. Otherwise, a man of your dream might easily run away.

5. Get ready for the rejection. There is nothing offensive, when a guy is not interesting in you. Keep moving and avoid showing your disappointment. You can’t be attractive to all the guys in the universe.

6. Demonstrate your sympathy. When you are sure the man really likes you, try to flirt and touch him “accidentally”. These are the simplest ways to make the first move to any shy guy.

7. Avoid approaching a guy in the group. Try to catch the best moment, when he is alone. Not to mention, even the most self-confident man is not likely to approach a group of ladies.

8. Say magic words. If you are afraid that your intentions will become too obvious, start with something innocent. You might just ask his opinion on something (cool place to go, best cocktail in the bar or anything else).

9. Pay a compliment. Guys really like compliments. Tell him something special rather than a common “You’re really cute”.

10. Ask him for a dance. Dancing together has been united millions of hearts. Touching each other will heat up both of you. So, if you have such an opportunity, don’t miss it!

What might happen in the worst scenario? He might refuse to dance or just show no interest in you. Big deal! Be confident and have a great time!



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