7 hot tips on how to attract a guy at work

how to attract a guy at work

Office romance: 7 handy prompts on how to attract a guy at work

Love affair at work is a real ‘no-no’ for thousands of people. However, there are still hundreds of happy couples, who initiated their romance at workplace. How to attract a guy at work? What are the secret seduction tips to attract your colleague? Below you will find 7 easy prompts on how to magnetize a man at work with no effort.

Office romance

  • Dress to impress. Although you might not be allowed to wear clothes of casual style at your workplace, your business suit might also be incredibly appealing. Just try to choose the clothes that suit you most and will draw attention to your shapes. However, avoid showing too much skin.
  • Become a professional. Being really good at your job responsibilities usually represents you as a smart lady. Not to mention, most guys prefer to date intelligent girls.
  • Say something nice. Paying a couple of compliments will not cost you anything. This way, your crush will realize that you value him like a pro in his sphere. Moreover, the secret truth is that all men like being praised.
  • Show your sense of humor. Being positive and happy, despite all the daily routine or conflicts at your workplace is really important. If you can make him laugh, you have already passed half of your way to seduce him.
  • Interact more. If your company initiates some corporate holidays, do not miss your chance. Communication in the informal atmosphere can give you plenty of information about your new crush. However, do not drink too much alcohol or do anything you might be ashamed of the next day in the office.
  • Respect the boundaries. In case someone else finds out that you are trying to attract your colleague, it can easily damage the reputation of both of you. Be careful and avoid making your feelings too evident, since it can cost you a job or even a career.

the boundaries women men attract

  • Keep all the things simple. Flirting at your workplace does not mean you will marry soon. Avoid making things too complicated. If your crush still not ready to meet you outside the office, do not force and try to look for someone else.
  • All in all, make sure that your crush is not in any relationship before starting to flirt. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to forget about your idea to seduce him in case your colleague is married.


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