How to attract a guy friend: seduce him with these easy steps

attract a guy friend

How to attract a guy friend: 7 steps to make him fall in love with you

Friendship is always great. But moving from friend zone to loving relationship is even greater! Although the process might be often a little bit challenging, you can easily seduce you friend with our handy prompts. How to attract a guy friend? How can you make him want you? Below you will find 7 easy steps to seduce your friend.

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    1. The most important step to move from friendship to love is flirting. Use your body language to attract his attention: look in his eyes directly, smile and tilt your body towards him when you hang out together.
    2. Copy some of his moves and body positions. Although it might seem odd, mimicking his body language is one of the most powerful seduction techniques. However, avoid copying all his moves not to make it too obvious.
    3. Look your best self. Make sure to have an awesome look always! Wear clean and flattering clothes, put some makeup and make sure to have a pleasant smell. Note: wear only comfortable clothes that will make you feel more comfortable. If you hate high heels, do not force yourself.
    4. Try to spend more time together. Try to interact with him as often as possible. Visit the same places and hang out together. It is also a good idea to go to the same group gatherings. Talk to him during breaks; meet at his favorite café, and so on. However, make sure not to be too intrusive.
    5. Emphasize the fact that you have much in common. Find some similarities, hobbies and preferences that go for both of you. This way, you will have plenty of topics for discussion and will be attracted to each other almost invisibly.
    6. Try to have more tete-a-tete time. Spending more time alone with him will add more privacy to your relationship. That is definitely what we need! Do not forget to touch him “accidentally”.

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    1. Ask for a date. How to attract a guy friend? Your move to dating should be slow. Just ask him out on some awesome concert or bowling this weekend. Do not be afraid to make the first move: he might be already into you!


Note: moving from friendship to love affair is always risky. If you get a rejection, never show that you are upset. Just reply something like “it is okay” and go away with a smile. Stay positive! You are amazing, with or without him!



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