How to awaken guy’s interest without saying a word?

How to awaken guy’s interest without saying a word?

Body language tips to attract men

How to awaken an interest of a guy you like using body language? A woman can achieve such a result without saying a single word. In fact, this method has been used by women for many centuries. In the article below you can find the most effective body language tips to attract men tested by millions of girls.

Eye contact

Start with an unobtrusive glance and gradually establish a direct eye contact. As soon as the man noticed your look, turn the eyes away and smile. Then he will understand that you are interested in him. Next, be patient and try to hold the man’s look. And even better, smile in return.

If you were noticed by a guy, whom you are completely not interested in, do not look at him at all. If a man is smart enough, he will understand that it is better to stay away from you.

Attractive appearance

If men do not pay attention to girl, perhaps, she does not look as good as she really could. Properly selected clothes, high-heeled shoes, nice hairstyle and make-up that emphasize the natural beauty are one of the most important body language tips to attract men.

Learn to show your advantages and conceal the shortcomings with the help of feminine dresses and stylish accessories. People start loving us for a rich inner world far not at the first date.  At the very beginning, men pay attention to the appearance. Only further, if a guy likes your appearance, he may want to unveil all the mysteries of your soul.

Use your hands

There are a lot of movements and ways to attract attention with gestures. For example, you can show an interlocutor that you are open for communication if your arms are not crossed over the chest.

Do not be shy to touch your hair while talking. Stroke a glass of wine slightly. Do it slowly and with ease. Such acts excite men very much.

Use your hands

Also, you can touch a guy unobtrusively. For example, remove some lint from his jacket or ask him to give a hand when you are going down the stairs. It is a great way to establish close contact.

Be the center of attention

Always maintain a straight posture. During a conversation with a man, turn your body completely towards him, straighten the back and put feet together. And bend slightly towards the guy. With this movement, you will let him know that you are interested in him.

One more of useful body language tips to attract men: tilt your head towards the interlocutor and push the chest forward (this movement should be barely noticeable).

Also you may use the mirror principle: learn to copy his movements. At the subconscious level, he will feel that you are on the same wave.

Be the center of attention

Remember that you will hardly impress the cool guy constantly pretending to be a prude and looking away. Believe in the power of your charm. Use these helpful body language tips to attract men. Having learned how to send secret signs to your interlocutor, you will be amazed with the result. Very soon, the man of your dreams will knock on your door with a bouquet of flowers and will send you romantic messages every day.



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