Birthday Surprises For Husband

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Ideas on How to Surprise Your Husband or Boyfriend on His Birthday

1. Birthday party

You can plan a good and big surprise, you can invite everyone that he loves whether they are his family or his friends, and it could be really awesome to make everyone that he loves around him. Also, you can tell him that you are making him a party somewhere and then you just change the whole plan and do him a more awesome surprise elsewhere, where he can be more surprised.

2. Take him somewhere dangerous

We all love that adrenaline rush especially when it’s with someone we love; you both can go on a bungee jumping or mountain climbing and if he is not a fan of those just go rock climbing.

3. Get him to talk

Sometimes men spell the beans without noticing you can trick him into telling you what he really wants, you can ask him about the places that he loves to go before his birthday by a while.

4. Solo date

Some men don’t like crowds so they just want a small talk with you in a dinner or something. You can just plan a simple date, like take him to the movies and then celebrate alone. Or go to a fancy dinner and celebrate alone, sometimes all they wish for is some quietness with you.

5. The present

No one really wants what they want until they see it, try to notice his moves when you go shopping or go somewhere, also know him well before you plan or get the present. Like if he is a gamer, and then you can get him a new set of controllers or a good headset. If he is an accountant, try to get him an expensive nice bag for his things. If he likes to listen to the radio, then you can dedicate a song to him on his favorite channel. If he loves his car so much, then try to get his car a makeover that he loves. You can do your own do-for-yourself things, like get a deck of cards and write on each a thing that you love about him, and call it 52 reasons to love you.

6. Theme birthday

Everyone loves movies, and everyone has a favorite movie, if you know his favorite, you can redecorate the house like that movie and do a themed birthday like if he loves a move about vampires, you can lower the light and all can dress like vampires, or if he loves TV series like friends, try to get him a central perk poster and put and everyone would dress like they used to dress.

7. Birthday cake

This one is so much like the one before but this part is important, you can do as mentioned before, a theme cake, where you can put anything on it. Or you can just put a picture of him on the birthday and make him eat his face that would be funny. You can put his picture with you or with his friends so that he feels loved.

8. Leave a trail

This one can take a lot of planning to do, but also will make the day so much better. You can leave the house early and leave clues everywhere so that he can find the party. It will have to take a lot of planning and you have to tell a lot of shops so that they are with you in the whole thing. But this one can make him feel more loved, it’s like you care so much that you had to go through the troubles of doing that for him.

9. Take a long road trip with him

Take the car and make a road trip with him or go to a camp together, you can plan this thing easily, you just have to know what to exactly get so that you don’t forget anything, and you have to go back and this might just be ruined. Does a to-do list so that you don’t forget, get some good food and champagne and go watch the stars somewhere, while in the arms of each other.

10. The pretend game

This is the best part of the birthday, it may be not much but it can be really convincing, try to act through the whole day that you forgot that it was his birthday today, some even take it too far to take this to bed, as when you are just about to sleep so you surprise him with a cake or the present.

11. Take him to his favorite sport

This one is the most common one where you can just get him two tickets to his favorite team’s game, and you can go with him and try to make him teach it to you so that you make him feel better and that you are interested in the things he is interested in. Also instead of going with him, you can just know how many are his best friends and then get the tickets to the whole group, make him take the gang with him, it will be better as to gather around with friends and hang out like the old times.

12. Get him a massage coupon

It’s really relaxing to get a massage every now and then, as it can reduce stress level and make blood circulation better, and reduce the possibility of getting a stroke, you can do that or get to the both of you to a spa so that you can both do that together, it would be really romantic to go there the both of you.



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