Nice Flirty Bets to Make With a Guy

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Top 5 Things to Bet with a Guy You Like

Betting is always adventurous, interesting and cunning. The situation significantly spices up, when you are going to bet with a guy you like. This way, you need to find bets that will make you closer and try to attract him even more. Thousands of girls agree to bet with guys of their dreams and still miss a chance to seduce them. The best rule to make a perfect bet is to choose an affordable one. Avoid betting on money, jewelry or anything expensive. On one hand, it will not attract a guy you like. On the other hand, you might get your wallet empty or lose anything important. So, what flirty bets should you make? Below you will find a list of 5 great bets to make with an awesome guy.

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5 Flirty Betting Ideas to Make With a Guy You Like

1. Paying for lunch for a week. Although you win or lose, you will get the secret advantage from the bet. The matter is that you will need to spend the whole week having lunch together! This simple trick will give you an opportunity to spend more time together and know better each other. Furthermore, this bet looks absolutely innocent, making it a perfect solution for shy ladies.

2. Tickets to any sports game. This bet doesn’t look like a bet for dating. It is flirty, but still really simple. The one who lose should buy tickets for you two for a certain game. Easy, as 1-2-3! However, you will spend a couple of hours together, so you’ll be able to impress him even more.

3. Dance. Betting for a dance is even more flirty. The point is to ask for a dance on public! The one, who loses should ask for a dance somewhere in a crowded place, so everyone can see this gesture. This trick is for brave ladies, who are not afraid to be funny on public.

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4. Private dance. This bet is even hotter! Private dance is really special and only you two can be engaged in this bet. The loser will need to offer a private dance to the winner. If you win, you’ll get an unforgettable experience of looking at a private dance of the guy you like. In case you lose, you can wear incredibly sexy clothes and drive him crazy with your private dance.

5. Cooking. Bet for cooking is also a great choice for reserved girls. It is not as obvious as betting on having dinner at the restaurant, but is still a great option for a first date. If the guy of your dream loses, he will need to cook a dinner for you (and surely share it with you) If he wins, you’ll get an opportunity to try your awesome cuisine. Make sure to cook anything really delicious to make him want more. Not to mention, you can easily communicate while you cook!

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The list of bets it still not complete. You can easily choose your perfect bet, suitable for any specific occasion. Good luck!



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