What Does He Want You to Wear to Bed

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What is the Sexiest Girl’s Lingerie for Sleep: Men’s View

There are dozens of choices for what you might wear for sleeping. Some are comfortable, some are sexy and some are really hot. What option should you choose to make your guy want you even more? Here is the list of the sexiest lingerie to blow up his mind!

The Sexiest Clothes to Wear in Your Bedroom

1. Classical black lingerie. This option is one of the best solutions on what to wear in bed. Black has always been a king of colors, as wells as lingerie of this color looks incredibly sexy. Your boyfriend might prefer red, pink or any other color of your lingerie, but almost all the guys still find black one to be really hot.

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2. His Shirt. Men’s shirt is another popular option for ladies. If you are looking to wear something sexy, but really cheap, take a look to your crush’s wardrobe and choose of his shirts. It will cost you nothing, but make your feel cozy and sexy at the same time. Not to mention, the smell of your boyfriend’s perfumes on the shirt might easily make you feel horny. Get ready for a hot night!

3. Leopard prints. Animalistic patterns always look incredibly sexy. However, make sure to wear something short and new. Your old-fashioned leopard T-shirt should be left aside of your bedroom.

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4. Romper. Silky romper might easily make him want to touch you. Pleasant materials, blurry colors and cute lace will make your crush cuddle and tease you. Wearing this kind of underwear might easily make your foreplay long and touching.

5. Nighty. If you are shopping for nighty, choose the sheer one. This simple trick will make you look naked and incredibly sexy. This option is one of the favorites for thousands of guys.

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6. Kimono robe. You’ve definitely seen this sexy lingerie in the movies. Being the best choice of James Bond’s girlfriend, pop models and celebrities it might definitely suit all the needs of any girl, who wants to look sexy and comfortable simultaneously.

7. Red lingerie. Feeling horny and want to seduce your boyfriend in no effort? Just wear lingerie of red color and see how it works! Red color is the color of winners, so get ready for an active and passionate sex with your beloved.

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8. Naked. Most guys want their ladies to sleep naked. This way, you can have a quick and hot sex anytime, since your boyfriend doesn’t need to deal with all these annoying straps, small ropes and clasps.

All in all, remember the basic rule for wearing sexy lingerie: it should always be clean, have a pleasant smell, as well as look new and cute. Furthermore, you need to enjoy it by yourself, since uncomfortable lingerie might make you think about incommodious pants rather than about having sex.



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