What Makes a Man Obsessed With a Woman?

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Attract a man of your dream

Ever wondered what makes a man obsessed with a woman? Chasing after a man in a party, club or other gatherings will only end in disappointment. No man wants to be chased after by a woman. Instead, as a woman, there are some things you can do to make a man you want to chase after you.

There are some things that men really want. Use the tips below to make man obsessed with you and enjoy the chase as your dream man try to win you over.

Top tips how to grab the attention of a man

Use your eyes to hypnotize him
Keep an eye on the man you admire even if he is at a distance from you. Try and look him at regular intervals and lock your eyes with his whenever your eyes meet. Let your eyes wander hypnotically over his body before you eventually take off your gaze. With this, you are sending him a signal that you want him to approach you.

Talk to him with your eyes
Once he approaches you and introduces himself, enter into a casual conservation and let your eyes tell a different story. Talk to him with your expressive eyes and give him an insight into what you really want. Once he picks your message, he will start chasing after you with every ounce of his energy.

Remain formal and out of reach
Even though your eyes so the talking, let your reactions speak otherwise. You should remain formal with him and retain your physicals distance. You should send a signal that you want him but he cannot have you as this will drive him crazy and make him more obsessed with you.

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Humor him and get closer to him
Show a sense of humor when he says or does anything laughable. Use this opportunity to lightly touch arms before returning to your normal position. This is one of the things that men really want and he would enjoy the attention you are showering on him.

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Accept his invitation for a date
If your dream man eventually invites you for a date, honor the invitation but don’t show him you are already waiting for it. Just give a positive answer with a shy smile. This will spur him up to his peak.

Dress to kill
Simply opt for a makeover that improves your beauty and not the one that changes them completely. Chances are that your dream man will fall due to your specific looks. Perhaps, most men don’t admire ladies with heavy makeovers. More so, wear your best clothes that fit your date location and is possible to catch the attention of your man. Your dressing matters a lot.

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Do not offer yourself to your man
Last but very important; do not offer yourself to a man for any reason. Do not think that you can convince a man by offering yourself physically to him. If you do, he will only take an advantage of you and nothing more. Instead, slowly reveal your facets slowly and steadily with each consecutive date. This will keep him wanting to see more of you.


Making a man obsessed with you is not a difficult thing. You just need the correct approach to draw his attention, convey your emotions with actions and watch him do the chasing. Use the tips above to attract any man of your dream.



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