10 Dating Red Flags to Help You Spot Mr. Wrong and What to Do About It

Is your new crush is your real soul mate?

Warning signs you are dating the wrong person

Dating has plenty of ups and downs. However, if you have too many “downs”, when you put too many energy and time to your relationship and get nothing, this might be the warning signs you are dating the wrong person. However, how can you find out you are building relationship with someone, who doesn’t actually deserve it? Here are 10 Dating Red Flags to Help You Spot Mr. Wrong before your relationship goes too far.

-He lies. Any healthy relationship should base on the mutual trust. Although he might be really gorgeous, have a great job or take you to luxury resort, a guy, who lies has no value.

a guy, who lies has no value

– He can’t spend his money wisely. Does your partner often ask you to borrow money? Does he drive an expensive car on bald tires, because he can’t effort to get new ones? Financial intelligence is one of the most important features of any successful relationship.

– Your new crush promises too much, but delivers nothing. He is a master of explaining and justifying his position. You can’t even rely on him for minor occasions. That is not normal.

– He often changes his plans. Even in case you planned something together, he can easily change everything to meet his needs. Your partner is planning his evenings with friends, family holidays and sports trainings, but he is not planning your dates. Sounds odd, doesn’t it?

– He is extremely selfish. He is not ready to compromise. He is not ready to support you. If your partner thinks only for himself, does it actually a partnership?

– Your new crush doesn’t want to meet your family and friends. If a guy is really into you, he will also show interest in anything that is connected to you, including your mates and family.

– He never calls you. Does he often have an excuse for not calling you? Do you call him by yourself? A loving guy will definitely call you from time to time to know if you are okay.

– You partner is hiding you from his friends and family. This way, there are just a few options. First, he is dating someone else. Second, he is intentions are not serous and he is not looking for a long-term relationship.

– You do too much investment in your relationship. Have you noticed that you are constantly planning your dates, please him and trying to do everything to make him happy? However, he is just enjoying your care and does almost nothing.

he is just enjoying your care and does almost nothing

– He is cheating you. Although he might convince you that “free relationships” are awesome, he might not respect your feelings. You definitely worthy of another healthy relationship!



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