5 Essential Tips on Starting to Date After a Divorce

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5 Prompts on Dating after Divorce

Meeting and dating new guys or ladies after divorce has plenty of peculiarities. The most common question thousands of divorcees ask is about the time period they should stay single before dating again. The answer to this uneasy question depends on plenty of factors. However, the most important things you need to consider before trying new relationship are time, your self-esteem, attitude to your ex, kids and the desire to move on. Let’s discover each one!

1. Time. Should you wait before starting to engage in a new relationship? It significantly depends on how strong your feelings were; how long you lived with your ex and how easily you got through the tough period of break up. For some people, a few months are absolutely enough to begin dating again. For the others, this period reaches a couple of years. According to numerous psychologists, you will need to wait one month minimum before jumping to the new relationship. This way, you are more likely to avoid the same mistakes and will not compare your new partner with your ex.

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2. Your self-esteem. Are you feeling happy now? Do you often think about your ex? Do you visit public places, meet new people and feel truly comfortable with yourself? Do you take care of yourself? These are the vital questions you need to ask before you begin dating after break up. Note: you need to feel completely healed and happy to start looking for the new relationship. Otherwise, you are doomed to failure.

3. Your attitude to ex. Don’t you hate him or her anymore? Do you feel absolutely calm, when you suddenly hear your crush’s name? You will need to calm down and accept your divorce completely to become happy with another person.

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4. Your kids. If you don’t have kids with your ex, you may skip this point. Otherwise, you need to prepare your children that you might start looking for a new relationship and visiting new places to become happier. Don’t push your kids, be calm and easy-going.

5. Your desire to move on. This point is the most important from the list. Although divorce is a tough period for any person, you still need to overcome it. If you are already ready to accept your breakup, you feel happy without your ex and you are absolutely ready to move forward, don’t hesitate to start dating! You are full of energy, positive emotions and have a useful experience to make your new relationship much happier! Don’t hesitate: you true love might be easily waiting for your right behind the corner!



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