7 Tips on What Should You Do If He Doesn’t Call You Back

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Did he stop calling you? These are 7 Steps to Do if Your Boyfriend is No Longer Texting You

Dating is always tricky and challenging. Sometimes you don’t even know what to expect from your new crush.

What should you do when your boyfriend stops calling you?

Why does he keep silence? Don’t panic! Below you will find 7 important steps to follow in order to realize, what’s damn happening.

what to do in case he doesn’t call you

1. Stop calling and texting him dozens of times per day/hour/minute. You will not look like a caring and worrying girlfriend, but look annoying and intrusive. This will just push him away forever. Not to mention, writing your crush’s friends is also a bad idea. No matter on how desperate you are, keep calm.

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2. Wait. If your boyfriend promised to call you, but hasn’t kept his promise, take a break and wait for a few days. Then you might send him a casual text (avoid being angry, upset or demanding). If he is still keeping silence, delete his number and move forward. Although it is easier said than done, but it’s the only right decision.

3. Talk to him in person. If you can see him at college, work or anywhere else, try to talk with your crush in person. Don’t be afraid to approach him and just say hi. However, don’t search or look for your boyfriend in the places you would have never visited if you didn’t know him.

4. Avoid writing about your feelings in social media. This issue is only between you two. Don’t make your worries available to public.

5. Confront your boyfriend. If the time has passed, but you are still feeling frustrated, try to contact him the last time. Just ask your crush, why you didn’t hear from him for a long time. In case you still don’t get a reply, just try to forget about this guy.

6. Don’t wait until he realizes how much you love him. Live your phone alone and don’t spend all your free time in social media looking for his message.

waiting for call from him

7. Move forward. Don’t pay attention to your boyfriend. Avoid calling, texting or establishing any contacts with your ex. Cut your losses and go ahead! You definitely deserve a better relationship and true love!



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