Best dating advice for women over 40

women over 40

Top 10 dating advice for women over 40

Starting a new relationship may be quite difficult for ladies over 40. You might already have kids, plenty of romantic experience, exes, as well as a long list of requirements for your future partner. However, there are still thousands of chances to find true love despite of all the issues! If you hesitate, how to start looking for a new relationship, our dating advice for women over 40 might help.


  1. There will be both successful dates and bad ones. Do not expect to find a new love at once; you might easily go on dozens of dates before you meet someone you will really like. Be realistic with your expectations.
  2. Do not compare your new mate with your former lover. People are different: you can hardly find someone with similar qualities. All men are unique, so avoid looking for a copy of your first love.
  3. Do not be ashamed of your age. Though there are thousands of younger girls, the man of your dreams might not choose any of them. Note: every age has its great benefits!
  4. Make sure you are ready for a new relationship. If you have not got through the pain of breaking up, the new partner can hardly make you happy.
  5. Avoid telling bad things about your ex to a new partner. Although your ex- husband or boyfriend might be a real asshole, it is a good idea not to mention this fact. Start new relationship with positive emotions!smile girl happiness
  6. Look for a man with similar views and hobbies. Having much in common significantly increase chances to have a happy relationship.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask him on a date. Making a first step to start dating with a shy guy increase your chances to find a person you will really like.
  8. Safety first. Avoid having a date in remote places. Make sure your new mate have no criminal ground and go on a date at some public place.
  9. Do not take rejections too personally. You might be easily rejected for a couple of times before you will find a new partner. Do not be upset and continue dating other guys!
  10. Avoid making a “smart choice”. Follow your heart and move on even if you have found a pleasant man, whom you do not love. Keep looking and you will definitely find your real love.

All in all, just be open-minded, communicative and easy going! Stay positive and you will definitely find a man of your dreams!



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