Choosing Between Two Guys: Ask Yourself These Questions to Make a Decision

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Choosing Between Two Guys: Tips for the Perfect Choice

Having feelings for two guys is a common issue for thousands of ladies. How can you choose your perfect match, when you like two completely different guys? Who makes your heart beat faster? You will need to be honest with yourself and answer just a few questions for choosing the best guy between two.

How to Choose Between the Two Men and Find the True Love?

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1. Who seems to you more attractive? You definitely have some special chemistry with one of the guys. Although you like both, one of your crushes is surely hotter. Who seduces you more? Consider this factor as one of the most important ones when it comes to finding the one meant for you.

2. Who makes you feeling better and even happier? One of the guys might have more drawbacks, but you feel much more comfortable with him; while the other one is just extremely cool man. In this case the first guy seems to be the better match.

3. Who really loves you? Who takes care of you better? The relationship with a guy, who is more secure and trustworthy, is surely more promising.

4. Who will you call in case you face with any serious problems? Who is ready to help you, leaving all his personal issues behind? You definitely know the answer.

5. Who of the guys is ready for long-term relationship with you? Although this question seems obvious from the first glance, take it seriously. Otherwise, you might be just left alone.

6. Who can make you smile? Life always has ups and downs. Which crush can cheer you up, when you are overcoming some difficulties? This person is likely to be your true love.

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5 Steps to Choose Between The Two Guys

1. Make a detailed list. Just write down a list of the best and worst qualities of both crushes. Then consider which features are more valuable for you. If you still hesitate, study your partners better to discover their strong and weak points.

2. Take a small break. If your head is still dizzying about the issue, stay away from both crushes for a while. This simple tip will give you a clear picture, of which man you will miss.
Furthermore, you might also suddenly realize that both of them can’t become your true love.

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3. Discuss future plans with both candidates. You might be easily planning to live in different countries with one of the possible matches. This way, you even don’t need to make a choice.

4. Pay attention to the red flags. Building relationship with an addict, kingbird or abuser is not a good idea, no matter on how strong your feelings are.

5. Listen to your gut. Your heart is the best advisor.



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