Easy and Sexy Ways to Keep a Guy Interested

a guy in pink shirt with red roses in hand and a woman in red shirt smiling

How to interest a man

Some women think that attraction is a natural gift, the same as growth, the color of eyes or hair and it is impossible to learn. This is a profound error. Learning to attract male attention can and should be done. The main thing is to know some secrets. How to challenge a man? We will tell.

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Simple rules for attracting male attention

Show interest. It is believed that the first step should be done by a man. But how does he know — where to step forward? It is necessary to show him his interest.

Many women make a fatal mistake, waiting that one day a man who likes them will come to his own appointment. In this expectation you can spend your whole life, if you do not take the initiative yourself. Also this is a great way to keep your man interested if you are in a relationship. All of us love attention, right?

Makeup. If the views on the part of the hair can vary, then for the makeup has long been aware of the fact that too bright lipstick and smoky-eyes looks very vulgar and rather repel than help attract attention. Try with the help of professional make-up artists to choose the right makeup in calm natural tones.

girl with makeup in calm natural tones

A tight figure. Let’s be honest, no one will fall in love with the soul at first sight. But in a good figure — yes. A good physical form is a subconscious signal to a man acting on him as a drug. So nature has arranged.

Try to pay attention to physical exercises and proper nutrition, which will help look like a million. It’s already keeps a man interested in you.

Gait. If you are asking “How to keep a man interested sexually?” — our answer is a walk. Seductive bends are visible on the gait of a woman. Learn to walk lightly, do not slouch. It is very good if you still wear shoes on heels. Believe me, this will not go unnoticed by the men around you.

legs of a woman walking on the street

Hot look. It’s enough just to look at the man with interest and this will not go unnoticed. Everything happens at the level of natural instincts and works in a hundred cases out of a hundred. The main thing is to give your look the right color. The view should not be mocking, arrogant or indifferent. Try to smile a little at the corners of your eyes and then a little embarrassed look away. All. It is done.

a woman in brown skirt and men looking at her beauty

Voice. A slightly lower, velvety timbre evokes a desire in men. A pleasant voice disposes the interlocutor, you and you will want to talk again and again. Do not forget about this and always use the voice as one of the most effective means to attract the male attention.

Clothes. Again, men love with their eyes. Clothing should emphasize your dignity and hide your shortcomings. Emphasize the waist, chest, legs — they are a man, as a rule, pays attention first. The fabric is desirable to choose a soft, pleasant to the touch. Having a small cut on the skirt or dress will also add some arm to you. The main thing when choosing clothes is not to overdo it and in all respect the measure and taste.



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