First date advice for women: Impress your man easily

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Top best first date advice for women.

Are you anxious to make the brightest impression to your new crush? What are the most common mistakes women usually do on a date? What should you do to avoid them? The list of the most important first dating advice for women is available below.

  • Relax and be yourself. Do not make too many efforts to have the best possible look. Just make a good make-up, stay fresh and wear comfortable and pretty clothes. Note, that your great appearance is necessary, but it is still not the most important tool for a successful date.picture date advice
  • Turn off your smartphone. Dedicate a couple of hours to the man only: do not answer the calls and forger about social media. Your partner should know that you value him rather than your friends and colleagues at this very moment.
  • Let him become a leader. If your man wants to pay for the dinner, let him do this. Respect his leading position at least on your first date.
  • Listen carefully. Avoid talking only about yourself. Any relationship is a game of two, so try to show more interest in his personality.
  • Do not tell too much private information. Your little secrets will drive his curiosity and make you more attractive with absolutely no efforts. You will have plenty of dates to share more.
  • Avoid drinking too much. If you feel nervous, do not drink more than you can handle. A glass of wine is usually just right.
  • Soft hands. Another secret technique in the list of the first date advice for women is your soft hands. He is likely to touch your hands, so make him want more with your silky date advice
  • Keep smiling. A pleasant smile and laughter are the main flirting weapons of every girl. Do not miss it when he jokes and you will make him feel less nervous.
  • Do not lie. Avoid exaggerating your achievements and telling lies to make a better impression. Honesty is a key of any relationship.
  • Follow your intuition. If you do not like that guy, do not plan the next date. If there are no chemistry between you two, it is unlikely to appear next time. Listen to your gut and act wisely.
  • Wait for call. Either it is always annoying; do not call your crush first. Let your partner lead and just wait for his next step. However, if he does not call you, move on and never give up finding your real love!


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