Here Is What Do Guys Will Never Tell Girls No Matter What Happens

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Women are surely the most complicated creature, but the men are not that simple either. There are lots of things that they also hide from their girlfriends and wives.

Know what your boyfriend will never be going to tell you no matter what

Only you are not the one who is hiding things and being secretive, but you should know that there are lots of secrets men never tell. Maybe it’s because they don’t know how to do that or either they don’t want you to get mad about it.

  • Talking with another male will make him jealous

No matter how cool your boyfriend behaves about you talking to another male friend of yours. But deep down he is more than just jealous. It’s impossible not to feel the jealous feeling when you were giving your attention to some other guy when he wanted all your focus for himself. Oddly when you talk or just any male glance at you, the protective shield of your boyfriend turns active. At that moment, he wants to either pull you closer to show everyone that you belong to him or will shoot a warning look to the guy who is staring or talking with you. That’s why they hate when you bring your ex or any other guy in the middle of the conversation.

  • You being drunk is not at all attractive

Well, there are lots of women who believe that when they are drunk, they look cute, or maybe just they feel more confident. However, this thing not applies to your boyfriend. You being drunk are not cute or adorable for him. More than that, it’s challenging to put a hold on you and your drunken habits. Especially when it comes to the first date, no guy ever wants to handle a drunk girl when he doesn’t even know her properly.

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  • He hates when you call him whipped

One of the biggest secrets men keep is they hate calling whipped from anyone especially from you. Not just it affects their male ego but also damages their self-confidence and makes him embarrassed. Along with that, even your man is whipped, you still never let him know that from your side. It’s important for you to understand that calling him whipped is an extremely demeaning and anti-masculine thing for him.

  • Your boyfriend also carves for praise and compliments

If you feel like women are only who want to hear how good they look then you are wrong. One of the guy secrets that you are never going to hear from anyone is they also do carve for praise no matter how macho they behave. Well, the truth is not hidden that the male ego is more vast than you believe, compliments not just boost it but also make him feel confident about his looks. That’s why all the guys want to hear from their girlfriends that they also look smart and dashing when they go out.

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  • He does enjoy to look other women

No matter how bitter it sounds but all men enjoy looking at another woman. It’s not always for checking out, but it’s kind of habit that they can’t drop no matter how hard they try. Not just that, it also doesn’t show that your man is cheating on you or he is kind of pervert. It’s a male tendency which is not in their control. So next time when if you catch your man looking at someone, don’t get angry or upset. Instead of doing that you can just crack a joke or join him.

  • Your guy needs to feel protected too

Women feel insecure, and they want someone who can protect them. Not just physically but also from mental as well as emotional protection too. Well, you are not the only who want that, but your man also wants the same thing from you. According to the experts, men are more fragile when it comes to emotions, and they don’t understand what to do about it either. It does not just make them feel scared sometimes but also they want a shoulder to lean.

  • He meant when he said ‘Nothing.

Women love to ask weird questions, and the favorite one is what are you thinking? Well if your guy said nothing in return then belie him. He was actually thinking about nothing at that moment. Also, maybe he is thinking about something which is extremely stupid or silly to say. Not just that if he starts to explain it you, then he surely going to look like complete idiotic in front you and that the last thing he wants.

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  • He gets scared too

Lots of men are scared of different normal things such as a spider or even cockroaches. He never wants to admit in front you because he doesn’t want you to think any less than superman about him. But he does get scared and don’t want even to touch it, no matter what.



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