How to behave on a date? Recommendations for women

How to behave on a date? Recommendations for women

The best dating advice for women

You have met a cool guy and he has asked you out on a date. Is it exciting? Definitely! What should a girl do to reduce awkwardness that inevitably appears during a date? It seems obvious, but to be yourself is probably the best way to have a good time on a date and to receive an invitation for a second date. Nevertheless, there are several rules that you need to remember if you want to make a good impression.

Top 12 dating tips

  1. Talk about your preferences. Weak-willed women do not make a positive impression. If a guy invites you to dinner at a sushi restaurant, and you do not eat fish, say it in advance. It will be odd if you tell him about your preferences while waiting for an order. The same concerns the choice of dishes. Do not say, “I do not care”. Order something to your taste, for example a salad.
  2. Do not wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes. It is obvious that you want to look your best, but a first date is not the time to put on a sheath dress and new high-heeled shoes. Why? Because a first date is quite an exciting event and you should not aggravate your feelings with uncomfortable tips
  3. Come on time. It is believed that girls are allowed to come late for a date. But, surely, you will not make a good impression by being late.
  4. Most of guys think that there is nothing more stereotypical than girls who do not eat on a date. If you think that giving up dinner will make you prettier and more seductive, then you are mistaken. Most likely, your unwillingness to eat will make a gentleman feel uncomfortable. It does not mean that you have to devour four hamburgers and five ice creams, but guys like when a girl has a good for daiting
  5. Do not drink too much. Keep in mind that an unacquainted guy does not really want to listen to an inarticulate babbling or sobbing. Of course, a cocktail will help you relax, but it is necessary to know when to stop, if only you want to make the best impression.
  6. Do not be obsessed with your appearance. Do not visit a restroom too often in order to check your makeup. Moreover, do not look in the mirror every five minutes. Do your best to make your appearance perfect before you go on a date and concentrate on the conversation, instead of worrying about how you look.
  7. Switch off your cellphone. What can be worse than talking to a person, who is constantly staring at the phone screen? Do not update your status, do not share impressions of the date with your friends and do not post his photos.
  8. Do not mention other guys. Want to know the right way to never see a guy again? Then, tell him about your ex-boyfriend.
  9. Ask questions. Show an interest in his hobbies, family or favorite music. But do not talk about politics, religion, his ex-girlfriends and how much money he earns.
  10. Be frank, but not too much. You should not speak about your personal problems. He does not need to know it on a first date. Scandalous divorce of your parents or a terrible quarrel with your best friend is not the best topics. However, do not be afraid to reveal your personality traits. Do you really like TV shows? Tell him about it!
  11. Offer to go Dutch. Of course, there is an unspoken rule that a man pays. But be polite and suggest him to split the bill. If he wants to demonstrate his financial superiority, do not interfere. Nevertheless, take some money with you.
  12. Do not bother him with tons of messages after a date. If everything has been great and you feel like telling him this, send a message. For example, “I had a great time, thanks again!”


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