How to Ignore a Guy to Make Him Want You

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Does Ignoring a Man Make Him Want You?

Ever wondered why a man would mostly go for things that challenge them? Most men always want more. They are never satisfied with their current place; they are always looking for a new challenge and a puzzle to fix.

This simple pattern can be understood by getting a clear scope picture of what men are all about and then you would understand the dynamics of how to ignore a man you like. They are made to fight, they are made to solve puzzles and satisfy their curiosity. In their minds, they think that whatever they gain by fighting is well worth it and it is in fact theirs.

How to Make Men Want You by Ignoring Them

  • Act busy: You can ignore a guy by coming up with activities that make you seem busy. For instance, if he probably met you in a gathering or an event, you can chat with him for a few minutes just to exchange pleasantries and quickly say that you need to go check out something with a friend or so. If he wants to invite you for a drink, you can also come up with a seemingly important excuse and say how much you would have loved to come but the timing just wasn’t right for you and there is nothing you can do. This makes him curious about what you, now he wants to get to know you more and would keeping trying to find the time.
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  • Make him get curious about what you are thinking: If you ever have to be in a conversation with him, maybe between him and your friends or both of your friends. Try to not say too much. Only say as little as possible to get him wondering. If he tries to ask you direct questions, pose them back to him or laughingly change the subject. Let him yearn to get to know you then it would make him want to know you even more. Because it seems like the opportunities are eluding him, without you clearly ignoring him, he would keep trying. Remember, it is clear you are ignoring him, but to him, he can’t explain it.
  • Let him feel like you don’t care if he wasn’t around you: Men are also attention seeking beings, especially from people that they think so highly of. When you deprive him of the attention that he seeks then he wants you even more. He wants you to give him the attention that he has seen you give to others. Now he begins to try harder to make you look at him or talk to him and laugh with him and hopefully do more.
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  • Make him feel like there is something special about you: In ignoring him, you are already making him feel that there is something special about you, but you have to actually make him feel that way by not giving so much about yourself or letting loose when he is around you. Put up some mystery about why you can stay for long when he is there or why you can go on a date with him just yet. While you are at it, act like it has nothing to do with it, but all to do with you because of your engagements right now.
  • Make him compete for your attention: if you are with friends or other people around, make him see that you don’t have time to talk to him. Let him feel that you enjoy talking to other people. By chatting with his friends or other people in a gathering, you can easily ignore him. If he tries to come to talk to you, give him attention only for a brief time for courtesy sake then you quickly continue your conversation. You can make a plan to chat with friends close to you, so you don’t look like you care about him, instead, you are freely laughing.
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Right now, he just wants to know why you are laughing, and enjoying yourself, and is hoping he can be there with you. As he continues to crack down with his curiosity and built up desire for your attention and affection, he is continually trying out ways to come close to you.

The beautiful thing about ignoring a guy you like is that piling up the want of a man is gets him to respect you more. When he finally has you and his love for you is also tested in the process. For instance, there is more creativity seen, when he is trying to cook up plans or do something to impress you. You also get to know him better in the process. Finally, built-up energy always leads to a more exquisite time spent, when you end up hooking up.



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