If Your Man Can’t Express Love

a man closing eyes of a woman with hand and holding a paper heart in other hand

Some men are very vocal about their relationships or their feelings towards a woman. Other men are a bit shy. So you can easily find that he can’t express his feelings the way you want. And that’s where communication comes into play.

See his body language

If you want to know why can’t he tell you how he feels, watches the body language. If he seems very nervous then something is up and he wants to talk to you. If he is always like this, talking with him will be the right way to help him open up and that will help quite a bit to make the process simpler and obviously a lot more convenient for you. It takes a while for this stuff to make it work and that’s definitely something to consider no matter what.

Appreciate him

Appreciating him is really important as it keeps the relationship going and there’s a sense of respect between the two of you too. You really want to have that sense of appreciation and respect as it brings in excitement, happiness but also a bit of commitment into the mix. It’s always tricky to do this kind of stuff, yet when you finally start opening up and finalizing everything the right way, it will be worth it.

a woman hugging a man from behind and looking in his eyes

Enjoy activities together

If you want to learn how to know his feelings for you, try to spend some time with him. As he gets comfortable with you, he will open up and that’s when you can have a serious talk. It’s a very good idea to try and have some activities together as that’s what you will like the most all the time, just consider all the ideas and enjoy them as you see fit.

Be direct and don’t assume

It’s easy to assume stuff but it’s hard to actually talk and open up. The experience can be staggering but as long as you commit to it and make it work the results will be really interesting. What really matters here is to understand the situation and constantly push the boundaries as much as you can. Obviously the process will totally be impressive and he will start talking with you more and more about this, which is what you need.

Even if he doesn’t seem like he wants to talk about his feelings that much, these ideas should help quite a bit. But you should remember that all this stuff requires quite a lot of time and effort to make it work. Yet once you do it adequately and constantly focus on results nothing will stand in your way. Just try to adjust and adapt to the situation and ensure that he feels great with you. Once that happens it will be easier to talk to him!



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