Question You Should Not Ask Your Boyfriend

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List of Questions to Never Ask a Man

1. How many women you have slept with?

There is a good chance that you are curious about it. However, it is never a good idea to ask your boyfriend about his past relationships and one night stands.

It simply puts your boyfriend in a very dangerous situation. He might felt hat he is being trapped. If he answers that he has been sleeping and having sex with a lot of people, then chances are you are going to think that he is an easy person who would sleep with a lot of women.

If he answers that he has not been with a lot of women, then you are going to think that he is not going to open up to you ever. Not to mention if he answers that question, then you would have to answer the same question.

2. What is wrong with you? Why do you always do that?

Do not ever ask that question to your boyfriend, especially when he has done something that you do not like. Instead of going that route, you should try to use a much more positive statement.

You should encourage your partner by appreciating their positive side, and what they could do to make you happy. When they feel appreciated, then they will want more and more vibe from you. This will encourage them to do the same thing instead of tuning you out because of your negative remark.

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3. Are you sure you want to be with me?

This question is full of self-loathing. When you ask this question, this simply means that you do not have enough level of self-respect and self-confidence.

The key to having a successful, and keep being attracted to someone is by having enough self-respect and self-confidence in yourself. It is hard to be attracted to someone who needs constant validation on a very basic level.

The only solution to this matter is that you have to enjoy being with yourself and being in your own skin. It is very important that you remember this phrase “Before you love anyone else, you need to love yourself”. Loving yourself here comes in a variety of forms, out which self-respect and self-love is a part of.

4. What is wrong with you?

It is easy to be stressed especially when things are not doing good so well. If you are going through this phase, then you should know that you should never ask what is wrong from your partner.

This question would easily trigger your partner’s defensive system. Once that side is triggered, then it is very hard to be able to get a positive reaction from them. This question also seems like you are putting out massive blame on them.

Instead of blaming them, you should state your feeling. In this way, they are not going to feel that you are attacking them because of something that they have done incorrectly.

5. Is she prettier than me?

This is another question that you would like to avoid altogether. The reason is that this question makes it feel that you are not confident with yourself. It makes you sound that you are jealous and insecure.

Jealousy is very natural for a human being, and it is hard to control the feeling. But, despite it being hard to control, you should not show it off very blatantly as well.

Not to mention that this type of question is the type of question that would make him feel trapped. If he answers that yes, she is prettier than you, then you are going to be mad because he said so. If he answers that she is not, you are not going to believe him because you think that he is lying.

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6. Are you thinking of breaking up with me?

This question is going to be nothing but a disaster for you. There might be a condition where you and your partner are simply not feeling as passionate about each other like you used to. Whatever the reason is, once you asked this question, you are only going to bring yourself a lot of trouble.

One, that question could simply suggest your partner do something. If you ask your partner whether they are thinking of breaking it up with you, you are making them think whether they should.

Secondly, this shows your partner that you do not trust them. There are many situations in which we are just saying it out loud even without thinking of the consequences. You might not feel that way. You might have asked your partner this question because you are merely not comfortable with yourself. However, this might make your partner think that there is a lack of trust that you have put in him.

Instead of asking the show, you should state your feeling and ask them how you could mend the situation.

There are a lot of other questions that you should never ask your boyfriend. The main point of those questions is one, you should not ask a question that shows you being insecure and that you are lacking trust in the relationship. It is important that your sense of security does not come from your relationship, but it should come from yourself.

Another type of question that you should avoid altogether is that it fished out the feeling of defensiveness from your partner. If you would like to mend a situation or find out a solution then the best way to do so is by encouraging positive remarks and behavior from your partner.



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