Signs He Wants You in His Future

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For all you ladies out there, I have got something interesting to share with you. This is something that you have been pondering about for a very long time. Being in love is a great feeling. You are always flying and always smiling. This feeling of love refreshes every minute of yours. It is just like you are floating all the time and you consider this best time in your lifetime. You keep making memories every day and save them for your future. In all these dreams, fantasy and memories you always take your special “him” with you. He’s always picturized along with you in all your thoughts. This is “us” ladies. But how do we know if it’s the same with him also?

Tops Signs That He Wants a Serious Relationship With You


Being in a relationship is a great feeling as I said. But again a relationship should be between two people. It should not be one-sided. So, if your guy talks a lot about both of you together then I am sure he is serious about you. He senses the same feeling as that of yours. The term “WE” has a lot of depth in it. This just means that he includes you in his everything and considers you in all his future endeavors.


The next important thing is sharing. May it is any life-changing decisions or silly jokes or even a small gossip about his friend, you should know it all. This is the key to understanding. If you are wondering how this will bring in understanding, let me clarify. When he shares each and every move of his and vice-versa, then you get to know his reactions for everything. So in the future, when you are together this allows you to understand him correctly.


Is it not important for him to care about you? Of course, it is important. A simple gesture might speak miles. He might just care to ask if you ate or pamper you when you are low, but to us, this means a lot. This means it all! A small hug to say that he’s there is the most important gesture. This makes us feel so warm and fearless. We feel secure when he is around.

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The most important thing I would say, in my perception is reciprocating. Love gets boring when you get nothing in return. Leave out the poetic lines, “Love expects nothing”. Love or any relationship is full of expectations. They are not big expectations but small, little, tiny ones. A small smile at the start of the day, an appreciation for any meager task or compliment for any accessory. It could be anything like this. But you have to show your love. When you show your love, he should reciprocate it back to you. This will assure that he wants you in his future.


He should be able to handle everything about you. Being girls, we are overly emotional. Our mood swings are zigzag. Sometimes we are the craziest people around, and sometimes we are completely disinterested in everything around. He should be a person who can take it all. It is just that he should be able to tolerate you in everything you do.

Accepting you as you

He is really serious about you if he accepts you the way you are. He does not expect you to change for him. Believe it is always better to be you and allow him to be also. Once u start changing for him, it will continue. Expectations keep rising each day and this is where ego plays come in. so just be you and do not change for his sake.


He should be able to compliment your looks quite often. All of us know we love compliments. That too when it is for our beauty who would not love it? He should be there to appreciate it. He can ask you to make changes if it does not suit you. He should be the one who can patiently select your clothing and accessories for you. Only such a person will the beauty in you even as you age.

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He should include you in all his short and long term plans. It will become obvious when he includes you. Because he can’t keep it to himself. But this inclusion means he wants to have you in his future. It means he can’t think of his future without thinking about you. What more would we want!

Giving you your space

He should be possessive and also a person who would give you your individual space. When it comes to relationships, the word possessiveness often kills the relationship. Possessiveness does not mean that he should not do anything without you but it means that he should understand you and not raise doubts. Trust is the key to true and everlasting love.

Spending time

The last and most important thing would be spending time. By spending the time I mean quality time. If even it’s just the two of you, you should enjoy each other’s company. You would not need anything else other than the company of each other to enjoy. If this feeling is there then it is going to be a great future for both with each other.

Look out for these signs ladies. These are your indicators. You might not find all these traits in him but finding most of them in him will leave you with happy and everlasting love in your future. Good Luck!



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