Signs He’s Losing Interest in You

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He lost interest in you?

The behavior of your man recently has changed are worried about this? Find out how to recognize the first signs that he loses interest in you to have time to correct the situation.

Signs that he is losing interest

– Your phone is silent. Until recently, your boyfriend called you several times a week or even several times a day, and now calls are coming less and less often. He justifies himself by being busy at work or helping a friend.

Do not be upset at once. Become less accessible and very busy. As soon as he realizes that you are not going to encroach on his personal time, he will feel more at ease with you. There is a high probability that your independence will spur him to a new level of relations.

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– Your sheets are in perfect order. He’s less and less engaged in sex with you. Of course, over time, the frequency of sex is reduced in most couples, especially those living together for quite some time. But if sex is reduced to almost zero, the likelihood that he has a novel on the side is as high as ever.

More and more often you ask yourself a question «Is he losing interest or am I just paranoid?» Wait a while to exclude temporary problems that have nothing to do with you. Then prepare a surprise for him, for example, new hot underwear or a romantic dinner. If this does not help, then the question will be solved by itself.

– He is reluctant to make plans for the future. Or there is no room for you in his plans. And it is not necessary at all that these are plans for a joint life. This also applies to meetings and walks.

Again, it’s better to be inaccessible for a while. Plan with him several events, but in which there will be no room for him. If a guy really values you, he will understand the hint.

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– He needs more “freedom”. And one thing is clear to you: he spends less time with you. Sometimes such “freedom” is simply synonymous with the word “Farewell!”. But sometimes a man really needs more personal space. Such guys, the less they see, the more they love, and with the gradual development of deeper relationships they themselves abandon their precious freedom. In this case, give him this freedom. If he does not start spending more time together, do you need such a partner?

– You start to annoy him. You suddenly do everything “wrong.” Even what he liked. From the former condescension there was not a trace left. Often, the guy consciously begins to show aggression, so that parting is not so painful for the girl.

If you are sure of yourself, do not take criticism at your own expense. Although his behavior, alas, most likely, means a rapid break in relations. Well, why do you need such a relationship? Forgive and let go.



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