Skills You Must Have to Make a Man Passionate About You


A relationship between a man and a woman is the undeniable relationship. You cannot escape from it. At a point in life, you need to decide to be with someone. But the story doesn’t end here, even after finding your soulmates or life partners there is a point in your relationship where a man starts to lose passion from that relationship. So, in that case, you need to master some skills to make a man passionate about you. So that your relationship will always provide you happiness at it remain like your first day together.

There are various skills which are there, to make a man passionate about you. There are various needs and expectations of a man from a relationship and your side too, which you need to understand.

Skills Every Woman Should Develop

Keep a Guy Interested

The first step you need to take is to make him interested in your relationship. There can be various reasons why your man is losing interest in you. So, let us take a look at how you can keep him interested.

1. Respect Him

The most basic thing a guy needs from a relationship is respect. He wants to be respected form his partner. Always respect him in front of his family and friends, and in private too. As they have so much self-respect, so that is why they seek respect.

2. Loyalty

Always remain loyal towards him. Because man wants a loyal woman by his side, who can support him in any phase of life. If there is a lack of loyalty from your side this will make him uninterested in you.

3. Communication

This is the very basic need in a relationship. Good communication can solve any problem. Whenever you feel that he is not showing interest in you then communicate first without reaching a final decision as maybe he is upset with something. Always ask him first and try to comfort him.

4. Praise Him

Not only women like praises but a man wants it too. A man also wants that her women should praise him, but it’s not always that they ask for it. So, you need to understand it too, what they are not asking.

5. Emotional Intimacy

Always maintain an emotional intimacy between both of you. Make him feel that you are always there for him whenever he needs you emotionally. As many times a man doesn’t share their emotional problems but you need to understand that.

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Make Him More Passionate

After making him interested in your relationship then there comes the next step. In this step, you need to ignite passion in him. There are some steps you need to learn.

1. Hold hand More Often

I know this may sound like a very old fashion, but this is the secret trick. Holding hands can do a lot more than you can imagine. As holding hands can create both physical and emotional intimacy. This gesture shows your feeling for him and he will understand it better in this way.

2. Build Tension

Don’t always make yourself available for him too. Let him take some time to wonder about you and think that what are you doing right now. This will make a place for you in his mind and heart as well. The basic trick for this is, don’t always start the communication make him make the first move. Let him call or message you first.

3. Do Something Unexpected

Once in a while, do something unexpected for him and make him internally happy. With this step, you can make him more passionate about you. And make him think more, that what are you going to do next. As with the help of this, he will spend more of his time thinking about you.

4. Be a Little Mysterious

Do not always tell him everything as it can lose the spark in the relationship. Always maintain some mystery in his mind. For example, when he asks you “where are you” then don’t tell him exactly where are you right now. In that case, you will make him helpless, and he will surely have to think about you.

5. Change Something in Your Outer Appearance

From time to time, always make changes in your outer appearance. Like getting a hair cut or coloring your hair. This will maintain some newness in you and he will always feel like he is meeting with some new personality. And it will restrict him from feeling bored.

6. Pay Attention Towards Him

Pay attention to even small details about him. As when he changes his taste of clothes or his eating habits, what are his likes and dislikes. This will give you a wider picture of his taste.

7. Make Tasty Dishes For Him

In general, almost all men like tasty food. Make food for him or even you can make something new which he hasn’t tried till yet. This is the secret to making a place in his heart.

Make Him Crazy

After bringing the passion this is the third and last step in your grooming. At this last step, make him go crazy for you.

1. Affectionate Touch

Now slowly start with some steps of affectionate touch. Touch him affectionately to make him come towards you. It will make him bow in front of you for your love and affection.

2. Sexual Intimacy

Sometimes start sexual intimacy from your side too. As sometimes men want their girl to start the intimacy.
With the help of all these points, you will be able to make him passionate about you.



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